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The Meaning Behind Astrology Symbols

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 2,054
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These days, the unique symbols of Zodiac signs have become delights of artists and painters. Look out, and the impressions of these symbols are widespread: coffee mugs, T-shirts, jewelry, as tattoos and so on. When you see your Zodiac sign out there inventively created with imagination and style, you really don’t want to miss the pride of owning it as a creative expression of yourself! Isn’t it? You want to tell the world that you are the wise and balanced Libra, or an adventurous Scorpio, the bold and mighty Leo, the creative and intellectually rich Aquarius, an emotional and homely Cancer or whatever good attribute of a sign you possess.


The art of Symbolism:

Symbols have been used through the ages, sometimes to represent a political party, a religious movement, represent a country or even represent sentiments. A Rose is symbolic of romance and love, a Star and Crescent together represent Islam, a Ying-yang stands for the duality in Nature. Painters and poets have often expressed their feelings subtly through the art of symbolism and today, symbols are even making fashion statements as beautiful body art of tattoos. Isn’t it chic and stylish to have a part of your body tattooed or your accessories designed with a symbol that artistically depicts an aspect of your psyche or nature?


Attributes of different Vedic Zodiac signs:

Aries is represented by active and adventurous Ram. A Ram can trudge up the rocky, high terrains independently, with self-reliance, and virility. An Aries is ruled by Mars who symbolizes courage. Taurus is represented by a firmly grounded Bull. The statue of bull on Wall Street in New York City obviously represents its connection with commerce and love for money. A Taurus is ruled by Venus who determines the money and luxury in life. Gemini is represented by a Man with a club and a Woman with a lute in close embrace. Man with club is most brutal side of masculine energy and a woman with lute (stringed instrument) is most refined side of feminine energy. The mingling of two energies makes a Gemini talented. Mercury blesses them with gifts of communication. Cancer is represented by a sensitive and emotional Crab. Cancerians, ruled by Moon have the gifts of intuition and creativity. Leo is represented by a Lion symbolizing qualities of a leader, royalty, power to take charge. A Leo ruled by Sun is gifted with managerial qualities. Virgo is represented by a Virgin in a boat with grains in one hand and a light in the other. The most complex of all the symbols, it stands for purity and abundance of love for Goddess or feminine energy. Boat symbolizes a life with transitions, Grains symbolize essential element of life. Light represents seeking brightness. Virgo ruled by Mercury is skilled in managing details impeccably, with perfection. Libra represents a Balance scale that values fairness and appreciates balance, enjoys shopping, and getting good deals. A Libra ruled by Venus has gifts of love for beauty and refinement. Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, a nocturnal creature with strange, unearthly nature and hidden sides of life. The most occult of the signs. A Scorpio is ruled by Mars and possesses the gift of a warrior and/or a healer. Sagittarius is a Centaur with the hind part of a horse and the front of an archer. The Centaur or horse energy is associated with teachers of the forest (In Vedic culture, teacher of Hindu Goddess Saraswati, goddess of education is Hayagriva, a horse-headed god). Horse represents strength, enjoys travel; an archer pointing bow to heaven represents higher ideals or philosophy. Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter is related to love of learning and education. Capricorn bears the face of a Deer with the hind part of a Crocodile. A Deer is gentle in appearance; a Crocodile is an ancient predator animal that represents ability to be patient. Capricorn ruled by Saturn can acquire unexpected skills in life through lots of effort. Aquarius is represented by a Person bearing an empty water pot. It symbolizes nobility, willingness to help, and selflessness. Water represents basic requirements of life and an Aquarian is willing to share it with others. It is the most humanitarian of the signs. An Aquarius ruled by Saturn is generous, and has universal thinking. Pisces is represented by two fish lying close together with their heads in opposite directions. A Fish has no feet, and therefore represents consciousness that is never earthly or practical. It is the most metaphysical and transcendental of all the signs. A Pisces ruled by Jupiter has psychic abilities.

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