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Sun and Mars, The Energies to Reckon With

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 1,915
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One blesses you with name, fame, brilliance, power and authority, while the other equips you with courage, stamina, passion and determination. Sun and Mars, the two very potent energies of the Universe have been subjects of intense study for astrologers and researchers.


The Sun

Ancient civilizations of the world honored and worshiped the Sun for they knew how important He is for their health and well-being. Today, even after numerous innovations and technological advancements in medicine, doctors do not undermine the healing powers of sunlight. Conscious of the Sun’s numerous benefits not just for the human body but also for the mind, rishis and yogis in ancient India used to harness the power of Sun. They derived sacred sounds frequencies to activate extraordinary psychic abilities.


The planet got His name from the Roman god of war (with the same name) who was also worshiped for agricultural growth and protection of cattle. According to Hindu religious text, Skanda Purana - Once when Shiva was doing penance at Mount Kailasa, a drop of perspiration fell down on the earth from his forehead. From it arose a child who had red colored body with four arms. He was emitting extraordinary splendor. Mother Earth took the child and gave him milk. Shiva conferred a boon to the Mother Earth that the child will be known after her. He was called Bhauma or Bhumiputra.
He worshipped Lord Shiva and through his grace attained the status of a planet. He is associated with the god of war and victory, Karttikeya or Muruga.

When These Energies Come Together

Planets are always on the move and this brings about changes in energy configurations in our lives. When we align with them with positive vibrations, they help us overcome our limitations. April 14th (IST) is a big day in this regard. On this day, Sun, the King is entering Aries, His favorite sign (the sign represents fire element), where he feels the strongest and Mars, His friendly commander (also the owner of the sign Aries) will accompany him there. Can you imagine how this powerful combination could impact all of us? This is considered a good conjunction because it will lead to positive outcomes. Sun and Mars are both hot planets but they are friendly. If the king gives any order, his commander is willing to obey it and so there are no internal rifts. The Sun (who is our life force, our conscience) will always drive his commander to fight for things which are positive and morally correct. The energies will make you brave, a go-getter, willing to take bold decisions and all this for a noble cause. When your soul (the Sun) aims at a goal, your will power (Mars) will not question it, rather it will immediately get down to work, no matter how difficult the task may be. The 30 days time period when the Sun is going to remain in Aries is very important for you. That is why Dr. Pillai calls this “A time for renewal”, when you can bring significant changes in your life and turn around what is not working for you, be it your finances, relationship or health. You just have to remain conscious and connect with Sun’s energy through rituals or sacred sound frequencies like the Gayathri Mantra for Sun. Gayathri Mantra for Surya (Sun)
Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat
Astrologically, the day when the Sun moves into Aries is considered the beginning of a New Year as it is the time when the powerful energies of the Universe peps you towards your positive goals in life.

What External Changes This Will Bring?

Sun and Mars in Aries will support transformations in politics. There could be new and bold amendments in law. However, the energy will not be supportive to unlawful politicians There will be innovations and research in medicine for dreadful diseases. Fevers and chicken pox can spread. Drastic changes will be there in the climate and this will be a concern for the agriculture and the farmers. Old traditions will be valued. Research on Vedas and other ancient texts will gain prominence.

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