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Significance of Om Mantra

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,421
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“OM” is the seed syllable that connects you with the divine powers like an umbilical cord, nourishing the human mind with Supreme Intelligence. In its essence, it helps you to tune yourself with vibrations of Cosmic energies. When chanted as a mantra, it acquaints you with the forces of spiritual and psychic world. As you begin to vibrate with everything around you and feel their pulse, you also begin to understand omnipresence – the phenomenon of being present in everything and everywhere. You may slowly begin to understand why God is omnipresent and on surrendering to God how you can gain “knowledge of everything“.


Constituents of the seed mantra:

Sages of ancient India, Patanjali and Tirumular revealed that uninterrupted chanting of AUM for long hours leads one to experience the formless energy depicted as Shiva, the Supreme Being. OM is also called the God sound. “OM” or “AUM” creates unique vibrations in three parts: “A” pronounced as “awe” represents creation, or waking the Supreme spirit (brahma) in you, “U” pronounced as “ooooo” represents vibrations of preservation; and “M” with prolonged “mmmmmm” represents destruction, and Shiva (the deity personified as the Supreme Being). This primordial sound vibration lifts you to another level of consciousness; the subtle, invisible psychic world. Contemplating the meaning of OM, brings an awareness of the Cosmic energy.

Feel vibrations of the mantra:

Find a quiet place, in open air or in a room to sit down in a meditative posture and feel comfortable. Slowly relax yourself from all the tensions and worries in your mind by beginning to observe your breath – inhale and exhale slowly but deeply. When you have withdrawn yourself from all thoughts and fully concentrating on the process of breathing, begin to pronounce “awe”, “ooo” and a prolonged “mmmm” while exhaling. While humming “mmmm”, feel your energy rising upwards through the spinal cord and reaching your brain. Try to feel the sound with your body and mind.


Effects of constant repetition of OM mantra:

You vibrate with positive energy: Vibrations of OM nurture a divine consciousness that helps you evolve through good thoughts and ideas while rejecting unhealthy ones. You are able to lift yourself above the small problems in your life, stop worrying about things. When you experience the strength of the whole cosmos, nothing appears to be beyond reach. With better awareness, all your obstacles begin to dissolve. You develop a clear and strong will power: When all the particles of your body strive to merge into a single flow of energy, you begin to master yourself. Diverse thoughts and emotions that scatter your mind in multiple directions begin to dissolve, and you become an untied force that is harmonious and stronger than before. A better will power emerges within you to rise and surge ahead focusing on your goal. You become spiritual and your power expands: As you progress with your practice of chanting the mantra, you surrender to higher forces of nature and your ego dissolves. As you invite the higher spirits into your consciousness, you begin to dissipate among them – You become one with forces of Universe that is million times larger than you. Om is also chanted with other mantras for invoking different planetary energies or archetypes. As a remedy to receive good vibrations of planets, OM is chanted with the names of the planets such as,

“Om Saneeswaraya Namaha”, “Om Gurave Namaha”, “Om Sukraaya Namaha”, “Om Chandraye Namaha”. For invoking different archetypes, like, for praying to Goddess Durga, “Om Dhum Durgayai Namaha”; for praying to God Ganesha, “Om gan ganapataye namaha”; for praying to Sun God, “ Om bhur bhuva swaha” and so on.

Your pure mind resurrects your health: When this seed mantra is chanted under the guidance of a spiritual master or a yoga master it helps in improving health too. Chanting this mantra not only improves the vibrations of your body cells but also customizes you to right methods of breathing. Correct way of breathing helps to relax your body and the right vibrations through sound helps in opening up channels in your body to access good and powerful energies.  


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  • Subhasiniramanan
    Om is an universally chanted mantra which has its origination in the Hindu spiritual texts. We can hear it being said in almost every Hindu ritual. But what we fail to understand is why it is chanted and how it should be chanted. The sheer beauty of the Om mantra is the link it has with the universe. Interestingly, when Om is chanted, the frequency at which it vibrates is 432 Hz. It is exactly the same as the vibrational frequency of all the elements present in nature. What this basically signifies is that we are spiritually and physically in harmony with the world we live in. Another thing that we have to keep in mind is that in order to create the correct vibrational frequency, the mantra has to be enunciated in the right manner to reap the benefits. OM is pronounced as AUM and it mainly consist of 4 syllables. A,U,M and silent syllable. The first syllable A is pronounced as a prolonged 'Awe', U is pronounced as a sustained 'Oo' and M is recited as a prolonged 'Mmm'. Finally, the silent syllable is nothing but a deep silence that extends to infinity. During the chant, different parts of our vocal box is activated creating a different part of the throat to vibrate. Overall, the syllables of AUM is said to embody the divine energy which we commonly refer to as Shakti.
    August 6, 2015