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Significance of Akshaya Tritiya – A Day Exuding Happiness and Prosperity

March 15, 2016 | Total Views : 3,770
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The auspiciousness attached with Akshaya Tritiya makes it the most opportune day to attract happiness and prosperity. Akshaya Tritiya marked the beginning of the Golden Age, the period which saw Vishnu incarnating as Rama to set up a model state where people experience only happiness, peace, prosperity, and justice. It was on Akshaya Tritiya when Kubera, the banker in heaven, was blessed by wealth archetype Lakshmi. It was the day when Krishna dissolved the pain and sufferings of his friend Sudama, who offered him a handful of beaten rice with pure love. Krishna blessed Sudama with enormous wealth, peace, and happiness. akshaya-tritiya

A Golden Day for Spreading and Receiving Good Vibrations

One of the laws of the universe for manifesting material success is to give with a clean heart. Akshaya Tritiya is a powerful day for charity. According to the Vedas, giving or donating on Akshaya Tritiya will multiply returns manifold. Moreover, the blessings accrued by giving to the needy help one accumulate good karma. The ancient mystics of India, who used to study the astronomical phenomena influencing life, identified the 3rd waxing Moon with an exalted Sun, called Akshaya Tritiya and containing within itself the secret of non-declining wealth. The wealth one can create is not just physical wealth, but also the wealth of happiness and peace of mind.


As per astrology, vibrations of good fortune are created on Akshaya Tritiya, the day when both the Sun and the Moon are in their peak of brightness, and this happens only once in a year. The Sun is the significator of the soul, and the Moon represents the mind. The vibrancy of this energy confluence offers the perfect condition for clearing blockages in the mind and developing a consciousness that stimulates growth, success, and prosperity, and discourages hatred, anger, and negative thoughts. It is said that if one meditates on the concept of non-declining prosperity and happiness on this day, it goes deeper into one’s consciousness and makes a permanent link with the divine archetypes.

Attracting Happiness and Prosperity on Akshaya Tritiya

The word “Akshaya” in Sanskrit means that which is infinite and non-diminishing, and Tritiya is the 3rd phase (waxing) of the Moon. A waxing Moon symbolizes growth. Hence, Akshaya Tritiya supports energies for expansion and abundance. According to the Indian scriptures, one can align with the energies of the day by:

  • Giving and helping the needy
  • Surrendering to the divine with pure love and devotion, offering fire rituals
  • Gaining blessings from one’s ancestors
  • These activities done on the day which itself supports success and abundance will help one make the most of the golden day for their eternal prosperity and happiness.

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