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Saturn Retrograde Effects - Vakri Shani

September 25, 2020 | Total Views : 42
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Retrograde Saturn Effects:

In Vedic astrology, the retrograde planets are generally considered malefic. It is believed that a retrograde planet gives repeated results and can also give twisted or unexpected results during its retrograde position. Saturn as we know is the planet that rules Karma. Usually, when Saturn goes retrograde, the slow planet seems to be slowing down further, and it makes reflect on such our family, our personality, and our career more. The retrogression of Saturn is a good time to take into account all our past behavior and accept that we may have to pay for our karmic debts and misdeeds. This isn't all that bad because once everything is sorted and all our karmic debts are over, you can feel much better. 

So while Saturn being retrograde can seem like a period of stress, hurdles, agony, and boundaries, it is important to remember why Saturn is being retrograde and what does it want us to learn in our life? If we make necessary changes in our life at our work, family, and in our personality, then Saturn’s teachings are over and Saturn will no longer trouble us for we have learned our lesson that Saturn wanted us to learn the hard way. 

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When Saturn goes direct that would be the culmination of all our efforts, penance, prayers, and punishment - something we can are keen to behold. Let us move the discussion further on Saturn and its results whenever it is in retrograde position. For instance, if Saturn is your ascendant lord, then this can give some health troubles to you and can also make you egoistic and twisted in mind/personality. and it can also make us very lazy and make us even commit sins. Saturn rules karma or actions and retrograde Saturn can make us do negative actions sometimes. 

Sage Bhaskaracharya, who was a great Vedic astrologer spoke of eight types of planetary motions. 5 which are commonly known: fastest, fast, medium-paced, slow, slowest motions of planets. And apart from these 5, there are retrograde, semi-retrograde, shifty motions of planets. Semi-retrograde and shifty are types of retrogression itself.

Just like Vipareet Raj Yog, which gives results which are Vipareeta (out of the blue, sudden, unexpected, and twisted). Saturn when retrograde in the birth chart or in transit can give unexpected good results. Especially if in the birth chart of the native, it is in a bad placement, retrogression can cancel out that negativity and give sudden good results. In that case, Saturn’s malefic traits get decreased. Saturn is considered more harmful when it is stable and direct sometimes. But one can only say for sure after looking at a birth chart completely and after analyzing it fully.

In the house of speech, 2nd house, retrograde Saturn can make the person use bad words and get into trouble for their negative speech. If Saturn retrograde is in the 3rd house, then the person may be a coward. He may fight with his neighbors and siblings especially younger ones. He may also wander aimlessly. In 4th house, retrograde Saturn gives troubles with home, vehicle, and mother. In 5th house, retrograde Saturn can create problems for children and even conceiving a child. In 6th house, retrograde Saturn can create problems related to diseases, debts, and fights with the boss and office colleagues. In 7th house, Saturn retrogression can cause divorce and problems in business. In 8th house, Saturn being retrograde can lead to problems with in-laws, spouses and government. In 9th house, the father will be unhealthy and the relationship with him can be disturbed if Saturn is retrograde, and also problems in foreign lands or problems in long-distance travel are seen. In 10th house, Saturn retrograde can cause problems at job/career front. In 11th house, Saturn retrogression can delay money and gains and can make us isolated from society and friends. In 12th house, Saturn can cause hospitalization or even imprisonment if retrograde. And it can also give some weird thoughts related to spirituality. 

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