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Sade Sati Results For Virgo Moon Sign

September 13, 2017 | Total Views : 2,039
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What is Sade Sati?

The word ‘Sade Sati’ literally means ‘Seven and Half’ and denotes the 7 ½ year period of Shani, the planet Saturn. While Saturn itself remains a feared planet, this period in particular is considered astrologically, as a time of trials and tribulations. Sade Sati Results For Virgo Moon Sign This ‘difficult’ period begins when planet Saturn enters the zodiac sign that falls immediately before an individual’s zodiac sign of birth, and will continue during the time when Saturn will transit that sign and also the next 2 signs. As Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 ½ years, it takes a total of 7 ½ years to cross over the 3 zodiac signs. For instance, if a person’s zodiac sign is Taurus as per the time of his or her birth, then Sade Sati period will begin for that individual, every time Saturn enters the previous sign of Aries, and will continue across the time when Saturn transits through the next 2 signs of Taurus and Gemini. As can be seen, a person will normally be required to undergo a Sade Sati period on more than one occasion in a lifetime.

What Sade Sati means for the sign of Virgo?

The sign of Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, whom Saturn considers as friendly, though Mercury itself regards Saturn as neutral. Also, Saturn is an airy planet, whereas Mercury is earthy. Hence, while life may not be too bad and there will be stability, the result can only be said as average, with some uncertain moments. There may be relative peace, but one has to remain very alert regarding pitfalls. One has to be careful even in respect of friends and relatives, and fresh endeavours and new business ventures, if at all they are begun, should be done with extreme caution.

Effects of Sade Sati on the Moon sign Virgo

The first phase of 2 ½ years of Sade Sati will start for Virgo, when Saturn will move into the 12th house from Virgo, that is, in the sign of Leo. Sun, the Lord of Leo is very inimical towards Saturn, and hence this Sade Sati period will be a real testing time. Health may pose problems and will require constant attention. There may be business losses and setbacks in career. Some may remain even jobless, for short durations. Debts may mount, and people may be under pressure to settle at least a part of them. Enemies can also create difficulties. The following second phase however holds much better prospects, as Saturn moves into the native sign of Virgo, whose lord Mercury is regarded as a friendly planet by Saturn. A sense of humanitarianism will prevail in the natives, who may offer their services in different forms to the needy and also to the society at large. Their abilities like communication, negotiation skills etc. will come to the fore. There will be support from many fronts. Business will progress, while career will see an upswing. There will also be relief on health front. However, one should be cautious about heavy spending and taking loans. The favourable results will continue during the last 2 ½ year phase too, as Saturn moves into the sign of Libra, whose ruler Venus is also cordial with Saturn. Natives may live a life of luxury and enjoy the pleasures of life. While a sense of righteousness, justice and honesty will rise in them, leading them towards social activities, they will also become quite tactful in dealings and present themselves to their own best advantage. banner

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