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Sade Sati Results For Cancer Moon Sign

September 14, 2017 | Total Views : 2,509
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What is Sade Sati?

The word ‘Sade Sati’ literally means ‘Seven and Half’ and denotes the 7 ½ year period of Shani, the planet Saturn. While Saturn itself remains a feared planet, this period in particular is considered astrologically, as a time of trials and tribulations. Sade Sati Results For Cancer Moon Sign This ‘difficult’ period begins when planet Saturn enters the zodiac sign that falls immediately before an individual’s zodiac sign of birth, and will continue during the time when Saturn will transit that sign and also the next 2 signs. As Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 ½ years, it takes a total of 7 ½ years to cross over the 3 zodiac signs.For instance, if a person’s zodiac sign is Cancer, as per the time of his or her birth, then Sade Sati period will begin for that individual, every time Saturn enters the previous sign of Gemini, and will continue across the time when Saturn transits through the next 2 signs of Cancer and Leo. As can be seen, a person will normally be required to undergo a Sade Sati period on more than one occasion in a lifetime.

What Sade Sati means for the sign Cancer?

The sign of Cancer is ruled by planet Moon, who is considered an avowed enemy of Saturn. Saturn is an airy planet while Moon’s element is water, and their combination can be quite stormy. The period of Sade Sati will fundamentally create mental disturbance and emotional upheaval, shattering peace of mind. Even people who are close may not prove trustworthy and there may be strains in married life. Feeling of loneliness will lead to over-thinking and depression, and one can start feeling that life itself is a burden. There may however be unexpected financial gains.

Effects of Sade Sati on the Moon sign Cancer

The first phase of 2 ½ years of Sade Sati will be when Saturn will move into the 12th house from Cancer, that is, in the sign of Gemini. As Saturn is cordial with Mercury, the lord of Gemini, this period can be a pleasant one. Life will be relaxed and the native will go ahead with some handsome spending to enjoy the comforts of life. Inquisitiveness may drive people to go after the hidden mysteries of life, and some may undertake travel to explore the world around. Health may also improve. In the subsequent second phase, Saturn will move into the native sign of Cancer, the domain of the enemy planet Moon and here, the Sade Sati can be really tough. Associations can turn bad and relationships may become problematic, giving rise to domestic problems. Uncertain health can compound the situation and one may feel lonely and depressed, losing mental peace. Business and career may also suffer, and there can be concerns regarding properties. This will indeed be a demanding phase, which will require all the faith and patience to tide over. The final 2 ½ year phase may remind one of the saying, ‘from the frying pan to the fire’! Yes, there will be no letup and the difficulties will continue, as Saturn moves into Leo, whose lord is the Sun and he is also inimical towards Saturn. Even though Astrology regards Sun and Saturn as father and son, they still remain at loggerheads with each other. Hence, a native may be in conflict with his or her father or parents during this time, and move farther from them, both physically and psychologically. People may become aggressive and harsh in communication. They may also suffer financial losses and some may even have to face allegations. banner

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