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Relationship Compatibility Astrology for Love, Romance and Business

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,442
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What makes us choose a person as our soul mate or our business partner? In both the cases, we will prefer a person who we think will understand our needs and take care of our interests. But our acumen will not be enough to ensure future sustainability of the relationship. For this, we will have to depend on analyzing compatibility of our relationships through astrology.


How Astrology ascertains Relationship Compatibility

We choose a partner to accomplish a purpose in life. Sometimes we are attracted to a person for the qualities that we lack in ourselves. Astrology helps us to determine if the person we are considering to unite with is indeed the right candidate or not. It will evaluate the qualities and the natural propensities of the person and help us judge if he or she will be capable of taking care of our present needs and future requirements. Astrology makes assessment of a person based on the impact of celestial energies on him or her. These energies shape a person’s nature, habits and desires. For understanding what kind of partner one needs and the person’s compatibility with certain energies, the 7th House of his or her astrological chart or birth chart is studied. The 7th House is commonly referred as the House of partnerships, be it related to one’s personal life or business.


Planets in connection with the 7th House in our chart will tell us what we value in our relationships, how we relate with our partner and what we expect from our partner. If in any case there are no planets in 7th House of a person’s chart, then the lord of the 7th House and its position will be studied. However, evaluation of compatibility between two individuals uniting for marriage is much more complex and elaborate as there are many factors to be considered.

Relationship Compatibility for Love and Romance

Relationship between a husband and a wife is the most intimate yet most complicated of all relationships. In astrology, the birth charts of prospective bride and groom will be compared and contrasted at 10 different levels to assess their level of compatibility. Here are the factors:-

  • Compatibility of the Nakshatras of the 2 individuals. For example: All Moon stars– Rohini, Hasta and Shravana are not compatible with Rahu stars – Shatabhisha, Swati and Ardra.
  • Compatibility of the zodiac signs where the Moon is located. For example: Love match between individuals with Moon in Aries and Leo will be long-lasting
  • Sexual compatibility of the partners
  • Spiritual and mental compatibilities by matching the Ganas
  • Dina agreement ensures good health of both husband and wife
  • Rajju factor determining longevity of husband
  • Mahendra factor indicating progeny and longevity of the relationship
  • Vasya factor determining mutual love and attachment of the couple
  • Placement of Mars, Jupiter and Venus in both the birth charts
  • Analyzing the major and minor planetary periods in both the birth charts

Relationship Compatibility for Business Partnership

Vision, audacity, thorough knowledge about the industry and willingness to take risks are some important entrepreneurial qualities one should look for in a business partner. Astrology will help you find some other hidden qualities of your partner which will not only make you confident about the future prospect of your partnership but also about the level of success you will achieve. Astrological analysis of relationship compatibility with your business partner will evaluate the stars in your partner’s birth chart to determine if they are favorable or not. You will be able to know:-

  • Compatibility of temperament with your partner
  • General luck of your partner
  • Chances of success and to what level
  • Possibilities of cheating or fraud in business

If the rulers of the 2nd House (the House of money), 7th House (House of partnership) and 11th House (the House of gains) are well placed in the birth chart of all the partners then prosperity in business is assured. When a partnership turns sour it gives birth to enemies, conflicts and leads to lawsuits and so all these also come under the purview of the 7th House. Compatibility will ensure that peace and harmony is maintained in your relationship but the level of success you achieve will depend upon your approach and your trust in your partner.

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