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5 Reasons Why Being Manglik Is Not a Curse

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 8,887
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Certain placements of Mars in natal charts are believed to create Mangal dosha and the native is also called Manglik. These placements which create malefic effects of the planet in people’s lives may bring about problems and obstructions. Horoscopes of Mangliks are also analyzed critically to find out compatibility of girls and boys for marriage in Indian society.


Nature of Mars:

In mythology, Mars is the commander of army of the Gods, he is brave and determined to fight injustice, but he is also aggressive. In certain charts, placements of Mars make people aggressive, impatient, independent and strongly driven towards his or her goal, irrespective of any conditions. A malefic Mars may create relationship problems for a person at place of work and at home. Such a person finds it difficult to handle things patiently and is prone to hasty decisions. Settling easily in a place or in a job also becomes difficult. In Hindu society where girls are supposed to be docile, patient and soft in nature, possessing later traits of Mars is considered inauspicious. Also such traits of Mars create problems in marital relationships. But, it is a wrong belief that spouse dies if one of the couples is Manglik, unless the spouse has Mrytyu yoga or early death in his or her chart.


Factors creating Mangal dosha and its exceptions:

Generally, popular belief has it that Mars placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a chart causes Mars or Mangal Dosha and the person is called a Manglik. There are cases of exception too:

  • When Mars is in its own sign of Aries and Scorpio.
  • When Mars is in association or has aspect from Jupiter or Saturn.
  • When Mars is placed in the house of Jupiter.
  • When Mars is exalted or debilitated in a sign.

5 remedies that a Manglik can follow:

If anyone is told to be a Manglik by an astrologer, one must verify the reasons too. By adopting certain practices and becoming conscious of one’s nature, effects of Mangal dosha can be minimized. Remedies generally suggested these days are:

  • Visiting temples and praying to Lord Muruga or Karthik especially on Tuesdays brings blessings of good qualities of Mars.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly helps in negating malefic effects of Mars.
  • Observing fast on Tuesday makes a person conscious and always aware of the drawback of Mars in his or her life.
  • Marriage between two Mangliks defuses effects of Mangal dosha in marital relationship. Also marrying after age of 30 reduces effects of Mangliks to a larger extent. Practices of Kumbha vivah, or ritual of marrying a peepal or banana tree before the marrying the partner is said to clear effects of Mangal dosha.
  • Practices of charity and humanitarian acts to salvage people from their difficulties help in receiving blessings of Mars. In Hindu religion, such acts are considered with very high esteem and is said to please not only the forces of Nature, but also remove affliction of planets in one’s natal chart.

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