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Popular Hindu Practices and the Science Behind Them

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,010
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Have you ever thought about the real significance behind some of the traditional Hindu practices? These practices are for sure very important for our life and do us a lot good than what we think. Here is a list of some of the most common customs that we follow with scientific reasoning.


Eating food on a banana leaf

This is a very common thing we get to see in almost all households of India and especially the ones in South India. The banana leaf is said to release Vitamin C when hot food is poured on it. This will make sure that the food is healthy and that you do not miss your dose of Vitamin C when you eat your meal. This practice can be made more effective by sitting on the floor and eating since it helps in better digestion.

Visiting temples every now and then

A temple is strategically placed in a way that positive energy is available in abundance there. The maximum magnetic waves are in the Moolasanthanam (Sanctum Sanctorum) or where the God is kept. There are copper plates placed near the idol so that waves can be sent across to the surroundings as well.


Hence, when you visit a temple and go around the God in a clockwise motion you receive positive waves that are necessary for good and healthy living. However, this cannot happen with just one visit to the temple and hence it is necessary to make regular visits to stay healthy.

Tulsi plant is to be worshiped daily

Tulsi or holy basil has and will continue to be a part of any and every Indian household. It is a plant that has very high medicinal value. The sages from the old times did not want this miraculous plant to vanish from the face of Earth. Hence, they made it a practice to worship Tulsi since it helps cure a lot of diseases and makes you lead a fit and healthy life.

Saying Namaste as a mark of respect

Saying Namaste every time we meet someone is supposed to be a very nice way of greeting someone and has been a practice for the longest possible time now. By folding your hands you bring all the finger tips on your palm in touch with each other and this activates various pressure points in your system. This helps you remember the person you greeted for a very long time.

Consuming water from earthen/copper pots

Earthen pots are considered to be the best and natural ways of cooling water. You can get cool and refreshing water by storing them in earthen pots and the best thing is that you will not get cold/cough due to drinking this water. Water is kept in copper pots since it is oligodynamic by itself. Copper kills all the harmful bacteria like E. coli and allows you to have fresh and healthy water all the time. This will make sure that you do not fall prey to any kind of water-borne bacterial diseases. All the above practices have been followed from time immemorial now. They make us a lot healthier and help improve our way of living. Get into the habit of inculcating these age-old yet very helpful traditions into your daily routine and notice positive changes for yourself.


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