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Laxmi Mantras For All Zodiac Signs

January 7, 2020 | Total Views : 105
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Lakshmi Mantras

Wealth is very essential for a good life. Hindus believe that the source of all wealth is Goddess Lakshmi while Kubera is the one who takes care of it. When one worships Lakshmi, chanting certain mantras is very beneficial as they can help fulfill our prayers. But caution has to be exercised as some mantras can have a negative effect and cause problems. This depends on the ruling planet of the person. Thus, people born under different sun signs will have to chant different Lakshmi mantras.


Aries natives are ruled by Mars or Mangal. They are quite blunt, aggressive and ambitious. They should chant the word, Shreem. Their wealth prospects will improve when they chant this word 1008 times.


Taurus is ruled by Venus. These natives are known to be very responsible people. They are people you can depend on in any situation. Their mantra is: Om sarvabaadhaa vinirmukto dhan / dhaanyah sutaanvitah / manushyo matprasaaden / bhavishyati na / sanshayah om


Gemini is ruled by Mercury. They are charming and witty and the life and soul of the party. Their duality makes them unpredictable and fickle. Their mantra is: Om shring shriye namah:


Cancer is ruled by the Moon. These people are known for their moods. They are also very acquisitive by nature and love home and family. Their mantra is: Om shree mahalakshmyai cha / vidmahe Vishnu patnayai cha / dheemahi tanno Lakshmi / prachodayat om


Leos are ruled by the Sun and are like lions. They are bravehearts who will speak up against injustice but they are also quite vain and tend to be showmen. Their mantra is: Om shreem maha lakshmiyei namaha


Virgos are ruled by Mercury. They are very fastidious, honest and tend to be workaholics. Their mantra is: Om hreem shreem kleem maha lakshmi namaha


Libra is ruled by Venus. They are very charming and diplomatic people. They tend to treat others fairly. Their mantra is: Om shreem shree-aee namaha


Scorpios are ruled by Pluto and are very passionate and secretive people. They are strong-willed and will pursue their goals single-mindedly. Their mantra is: Om hreem shreem lakshmibhayo namaha


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. They have a sunny disposition and are very friendly. But they can be impatient and tactless. Their mantra is: Om shreem hreem shreem kamale / kamalalaye praseed praseed om / shreem hreem shreem / mahalakshmaye namaha


Capricorn natives are ruled by Saturn and they are very practical and logical. But they can be shy and self-centred at times. Their mantra is: Om shring hring kling aing saung om / hring ka a ee la hring ha sa ka ha la / hring sakal hring saung aing kling / hring shring om


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. These people have a good sense of humor and are quite inventive. But they can be quite inconsistent in their behavior. Their mantra is: Aeim hrim shrim ashtalakshmiye hrim / rim sidhwaye mam grihe aagchagch / namah swaha


Pisceans are ruled by Neptune. Intuitive, empathetic and artistic, they can also be pessimistic and lazy. Their mantra is: Om shreem hreem shreem kamale / kamalalaye praseed praseed, om / Shreem hreem shreem / mahalakshmaye namah

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