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Astrology 2020 Predictions Report for All Zodiac Sign

December 31, 2019 | Total Views : 144
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AstroVed’s Personalized Predictions Report: Decoding 2020

Every new year is full of surprises and sometimes a few shocks too! We may believe that we are the masters of our destiny, but life has a mind of its own and it often leaves us feeling blindsided. The reason is that up in the heavens, the planets are always on the move and their movements and changing positions reflect in our lives as positive and negative occurrences influencing various aspects like relationships, finances, health, profession, etc. A perfectly healthy person may suddenly fall ill during an eclipse, for example. This is because underlying problems often come to the surface during an eclipse. A thriving business may go bust suddenly due to unexpected developments in the economy. Someone may win the jackpot and have their life completely transformed. A relationship may break down suddenly and irretrievably. You get the picture? Life is unpredictable but it’s not always our fault. Often, the fault lies in our stars and the planets that preside over our lives and affairs since our birth. This is why getting our Personalized Predictions Report 2020 makes eminent sense.    

Get Your Astrology Predictions Report For 2020

What Does It Offer?

This exhaustive Report will unveil what is in the cards for you in 2020. It will offer valuable insight into different aspects of your life – Money, Career, Romance and Relationship, Health, so that you can take calculated and informed decisions. The Personalized 2020 Horoscope Predictions Report will be based on how your Dasa (major planetary period), Bhukti (minor planetary period) and planetary transits influence your life. All your questions will be answered in the Report.

The Report is based on Vedic Astrology which is different from Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology developed in India and was created by seers and sages who had intimate contact with the Divine. Hindus in India have been using it for eons, benefiting from its accurate predictions and effective remedies for various problems. 

This detailed report will reveal how your life will unfold in 2020. It will explain how your planetary positions in the upcoming year will impact your life and suggest appropriate remedies for problems so that you will have a successful year, free of obstacles. Your 2020 personalized predictions report will be calculated by our expert astrologers and presented in a clear and to-the-point format, which is easy to understand.

Benefits of the Report

It will reveal the opportunities and challenges that you can expect due to the transitory movements of the planets and how this can influence core areas of your life in each quarter of 2020. You will be more prepared as you will be able to avoid risks and take the right decisions with our predictions based on Dasa (your major planetary period), Bhukti (your minor planetary periods) and planetary transits in 2020. The Report includes specific remedies to minimize unfavorable influences that are foreseen based on your birth chart. The predictions will be forecast for 4 quarters of the year to help you to plan ahead of time. This format focuses on your strengths, weaknesses, tips to follow during 2020 and the areas of improvement.

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