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Ketu Mahadasha and Bhukti Effects

March 14, 2018 | Total Views : 27,864
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Ketu Mahadasha General Interpretations

The shadow planet Ketu is considered to be one of the most malefic planets in Vedic Astrology as it poses severe adverse effects such as hurdles and obstacles in one’s life. The barriers caused by this planet weaken the person from the core and causes mental instability. Ketu Dasha period is generally negative affecting the happiness and peace of an individual. One may have to input a lot of hard work and efforts in order to complete a task, but may not result in worthy output. Facing these many difficulties may force a person to lead an immoral path to achieve his goals. Besides this, one may also encounter physical ailments and mental restlessness. One may be inclined to perform sinful deeds due to disputes. The person may turn insincere and careless and may have to confront many conflicts and disputes which will result in separation in personal and professional fronts. If the planetary placements are not favorable, then it could result in financial constraints and downfall in professional and social stature. Negative impacts of this Dasha period include threat of thieves, poison, enmity, accidents and business losses.

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Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha Specific Interpretations

  • Obstacles in acquisition of education and loss in agriculture
  • Acquisition of wealth and happiness
  • Loss of wealth, failure in ventures and distress to spouse and children
  • Fear of vehicles and defame
  • Disputes with family members and mother
  • Attainment of land and house

Ketu Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti The combination of Ketu in Mahadasha and Ketu in Bhukti is a worse period since the shadow planet will be highly potent and causes adverse effects. The native will receive all the negative impacts from Ketu and may have to face a harsh life. Effects of Ketu Mahadasha – Ketu Bhukti are given below:

  • Irrational hurdles and criticism in personal and professional life
  • Hard work may not yield fruitful results
  • Financial constraint and defame at workplace
  • One is surrounded with negative energy forcing one to be evil and wicked minded
  • Physical distress and lack of optimism
  • Lack of prudence and intellect
  • Pain due to enemies & fire
  • Loss of wealth and mental instability
  • Positive effects may include reward from the government and familial happiness
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti Venus might pose some positive effects but since Ketu is present in Mahadasha the period would be filled mostly with negative impacts. Following are the effects of Ketu Mahadasha – Venus Bhukti:
  • Obstacles at professional front which result in minimal professional growth and financial status
  • Familial conflicts and separation from close ones
  • One may turn sensitive and easily afflicted by negative forces
  • Increase in enmity and hurdles in every aspect
  • Physical distress and mental restlessness
  • Suffering from fever, head ache and heart diseases
  • Visits to pilgrimage sites and reward from the government
  • Good health and family wellbeing
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti The planets Sun and Ketu are considered natural enemies and their combination is very harsh and filled with adverse reactions. In the presence of Ketu, Sun will not be able to exert any positive effect adding to the adversity of the period. Ketu Mahadasha – Sun Bhukti results in the following effects:
  • Quarrel with authority or government
  • Lack of support and opposition at workplace
  • Confrontation with many hurdles and a harsh path to complete any task
  • One may turn highly hostile and annoying
  • The surrounding hitches may turn one more impatient and anxious
  • Distress to father or close relations
  • Physical distress due to cough and fever
  • Fear of theft, snakes and loss of wealth
  • Gain of wealth and inclination towards religious deeds
  • Fulfillment of ambitions and beneficence from the government
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti The combination of Moon and Ketu might result in few pleasing events offering some relief from the problems but hurdles may prevail. This Dasha period will be a blend of both positive and negative shades with the latter dominating the period. Ketu Mahadasha – Moon Bhukti results in the following effects:
  • More hard work needed to be input to acquire results
  • Presence of hurdles and instability
  • Lethargy and separation from homeland
  • Financial constraints and mental distress
  • If Moon is waxing, one may enjoy benefic results
  • Unhappiness and loss in business ventures
  • Acquisition of land and increase in milk produce
  • Occurrence of both auspicious and inauspicious events
  • Friendly relation with government during the middle portion of Dasha
  • Danger from government and long journeys at the end of Dasha
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Mars Bhukti The combination of the planets Ketu and Mars bestows both positive and adverse effects for the natives, but since Ketu is in Mahadasha the period would mainly comprise of negative effects from the shadow planet. Effects of Ketu Mahadasha – Mars Bhukti are as follows:
  • One may have to confront hurdles in every path
  • Unreasonable quarrels and opposition
  • Lack of self-confidence and deterred growth
  • Physical and mental distress and pain
  • One may be surrounded by evil and wicked people in profession
  • Loss of business and enmity towards family members
  • Reward from government, gain of fame and happiness from children
  • Fear of death during long journeys and suffering from high fever, diabetes etc.
  • Danger from poison and distress to spouse
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti Ketu and Rahu are both shadow planets which imparts only malefic effects in one’s life and the period can also turn highly negative at times. There are no possibilities for positive effects as their combination is extremely drastic. Ketu Mahadasha – Rahu Bhukti imparts the following in a person’s life:
  • Confrontation with more hurdles and obstacles in every effort
  • More hard work needs to be input, but may not result in success
  • One can turn lethargic and get inclined towards evil deeds
  • Threat from authority and snakes and meager chances for success
  • Mental agony and loss of happiness
  • Acquisition of wealth, land and cattle
  • One may suffer from body weakness, frequent urination, diabetes, stomach pain and recurrent fever
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti Though Jupiter is a supremely benefic planet, Ketu in Mahadasha will not allow exerting all of its positive impacts upon the native. The period would majorly comprise of the adverse effects of Ketu. Ketu Mahadasha – Jupiter Bhukti exerts the following impacts:
  • Jupiter would impart strength and intellect resulting in some career development and financial growth
  • Jupiter also directs one towards the right and moral path
  • Build of self-confidence and interest towards divinity
  • The person would appear lively and cheerful making him/her admired
  • Good health, birth of a son and gain of fame
  • Increase in wealth, passion and beneficence of government
  • Threat from thieves and snakes, loss of wealth and physical pain
  • Good effects are during the beginning of the Dasha with adverse impacts in the later period
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti The presence of Saturn with Ketu will increase the adversity of the period, however, if Saturn is beneficially placed in one’s horoscope, it could result in some positive results. Hence, this Dasha-Bhukti period will possess mostly of hurdles with some positive impacts by Saturn. Following are the effects of Ketu Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti:
  • Confrontation with many hurdles affecting professional and financial status
  • One may need to put in much endeavor to emerge safe from impediments
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Impatience and anxiety
  • Mental agony and conflicts with friends and family
  • Loss of wealth, position and threat of thieves during long journeys
  • Physical distress and lethargy
  • Good effects may include happiness, success in ventures and acquisition of land/property
  • Ketu Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti Mercury is considered to be one of the most benefic planets in Vedic Astrology and is responsible for one’s wisdom, strength and optimism. Ketu will reduce the positive impacts of Mercury and their combination will exert a balanced form of positive and negative effects. Ketu Mahadasha – Mercury Bhukti exerts the following influences in one’s life:
  • Mercury imparts sincerity, potency and determination
  • One would turn wiser and attain professional and financial growth
  • Moderate gains from business
  • Gain of wealth, birth of a son and family wellbeing
  • Friendship with scholars and interest towards religious deeds
  • Hard work and efforts might result in positive results due to presence of Mercury
  • Positive relationship in professional and social arenas
  • Visit to pilgrimage places during the mid-period of the Dasha
  • Obstacles at workplace, unnecessary expenditure and mental disturbance toward the end of the Dasha

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