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Jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius For Aries Moon Sign

August 13, 2019 | Total Views : 1,150
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The benevolent planet, Jupiter, transits to Sagittarius from Scorpio on November 5, Tuesday, 2019 (IST). For natives with Moon in Aries, Jupiter transits the 9th House from the Moon sign. This is a beneficial position for Jupiter. From here, Jupiter aspects the 1st House (the House of character, talent and overall life), the 3rd House, (the House of courage, communication, faith, neighbors and younger siblings, the 5th House, the House of Purva Punya (good deeds), progeny, love, intelligence, memory and speculation.

This period will see favorable results concerning faith, spirituality, religion, divine pursuits, virtues, and righteousness. Visits to temples and pilgrimages are likely. Arians will show interest in higher studies and research. They will display improved intelligence and communicative skills. Luck and fortune would favor them. They will experience good harmony and rapport with their boss, father, and teachers.  

Opportunities to visit foreign lands will be strong during this transit. They will be able to fulfill their pending vows and perform austerities. Those looking for mentors for their higher studies will find a good one now. It is a good time to receive the blessings of teachers, parents, elders, etc. They will act boldly and there may be childbirth. 

Business and Career:
The beginning of the transit favors business, but later, they will face many hurdles and hindrances to progress. There will be a gradual fall-out between you and your business partners. People seeking inter-departmental job shifts will have a favorable change. Those looking for a change of job will find this an ideal time. Things will be favorable for those involved in real estate during the initial phase of the transit.

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Income may not be satisfactory during the beginning of the transit. Later on, expenses would go up. Exercise care and save money for the future. Those involved in real estate may lose money in the later period.

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There will be mixed results when it comes to family and they will face difficulties in their relationship with their parents. They should try to set things right. Make sure to spend quality time with them and to give them respect. 

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They will exhibit an average performance only. For students, it will be a challenging time. This is especially so for those pursuing graduation or planning to enter colleges or universities. This will be evident during the later period of the transit. So students should not take things lightly if they want to achieve success.

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Love and Marriage:

Their love for their partner would be at its strongest during this transit. They will experience joy in their love relationship. Those seeking life partners would have only moderate success. There will be many delays and obstacles in the latter period. For a successful alliance, the first few months of the transit will be more suitable. 

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This is a time to be extremely cautious in health matters. They should not neglect health issues as things may escalate with time. Even minor health problems will turn into major ones requiring hospitalization. Special care is needed for the intestine and the spleen and the entire digestive system.

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Home Remedies:

  • Listening to the Satya Narayana story on Full Moon day
  • Give pale yellow or yellow clothes to the needy
  • Feeding cows with jaggery or give money for the welfare of cows 
  • Donate turmeric powder for 8 consecutive days before starting auspicious projects. (Begin the donation on Thursday or the following star days - Purvabhadra, Vishaka or Punarvasu)

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