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Jupiter Transit 2019 in Sagittarius For Taurus Moon Sign

August 13, 2019 | Total Views : 557
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The benevolent planet, Jupiter, will transit to Sagittarius from Scorpio on Tuesday, 05th November, 2019. Jupiter will transit the 8th House from Taurus Moon sign. This is not a good position for Jupiter. From here, Jupiter will aspect the 12th House, which is the House of Moksha, losses, debits, secrets, expenses, investments, foreign settlement, charity and philanthropy;  the 2ndHouse, which is the House of family, wealth, speech & voice, worldly possessions, primary education, clothes, property, anger and eating; and the 4thHouse, which is the House of mother, comforts, home, education, land, vehicles, real estate, luxury and relatives.

During this transit, there might be some unexpected negative events. They should take care to follow safety and security measures, especially during the initial period of the transit. Obstacles will be many on the way to progress. Health issues should not be neglected or they might have to undergo treatment and surgery. Unexpected gains are not likely, and there may be many disappointments and failures in store. Even with help and hard work, success may not be easy to come by. Expenses will be more and there will be loss of wealth. Health would be average initially and may become worse as the transit continues. There will be some obstacles in career initially but the later phase will give average results.

Business and Career:
Career may not progress during the initial period but may improve as the transit runs its course. During the later period, they will face pressure in carrying out day to day professional activities. Work environment is not likely to be congenial. Where business is concerned, there will be average results  only. Those involved in real estate will find their business impacted negatively.

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There will be huge expenditure on unwanted things. This will result in loss of wealth. During the later period income too could be hit. Much money may be spent on hospital bills and medical insurance. It’s better not to ignore health or they will have to spend a lot of money on treatment and surgery. This is not a good period for your finances.

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There will be turbulence within the family. Family members are unlikely to extend co-operation and this could affect domestic harmony. Mother, older siblings and children would cause problems. Conflict with relatives may lead to mental anguish.

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The beginning of the transit does not favor educational pursuits, as students face a tough time  academically. This holds true for both school and college students. They may suffer from lack of concentration and show disinterest. They should put in more efforts in their pursuit of education. Foreign aspirants are also likely to face disappointment.

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Love and Marriage:

During the initial period of the transit, they will face some discomfort in expressing love and affection towards their partner. Partner searches may not be very fruitful. Those seeking marriage partners should put in extra efforts if they want to succeed in such matters.

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Health needs special care as there are chances of hospitalization and surgery. Minor health problems should not be ignored, lest they develop into major issues. Proper attention should be given to all organs in order to avert adverse outcomes.

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Home Remedies:

  • Chant the mantra, “Om Vachaspathaye Namaha” (108 times daily)
  • Tie a sacred, yellow  thread on the wrist
  • Show respect and kindness towards everyone
  • Show respect to parents, spouse and children
  • Give help to old and poor people
  • Donate bananas, honey and jaggery 
  • Donate to temple priests and Brahmins 
  • Feed cows and birds

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