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Jupiter Transit 2017 in Libra For Aquarius Moon Sign

August 12, 2017 | Total Views : 1,713
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The transit of the benevolent planet Jupiter from Virgo to Libra commences on September 12, 2017. He will be transiting the 9th house from your Moon sign, which is a favorable position for this auspicious planet. From here, he will aspect your Moon sign, 3rd house, the house of courage and initiatives and 5th house, the house of creativity and children. You will complete all your pending work and taste success in all your endeavors. This transit is considered auspicious and you are advised to make best use of this period. jupiter-transit-2017-in-libra-for-aquarius-moon-sign Business and Career - Business people will face development by adopting new working style and business strategies. Salary hike or promotion can be expected in your job. You will be able to charm and win over your competitors and enemies. Those who are working overseas can expect betterment in career. Finance - This transit period will bless you with financial gains. You will be able to recover old loans and reinvest the same in profitable ventures. Your efforts to make money will be rewarded suitably. Family – You will be spending more time with your family members in entertaining activities. Previous inheritance issues could be sorted out during this transit period. There are chances for conflicts with your siblings and neighbors due to monetary transactions. Hence, be cautious while dealing with them. Your father or fatherly person will guide you in the right direction. Arrival of guests may keep you busy. Education – You will be able to concentrate well during this transit period. Hence, it is an ideal period to learn and score good marks. This is the prime period for pursuing higher education. You will get proper guidance from right mentors or instructors to achieve success. Increase in knowledge is possible during this transit period. Love and Marriage – Your considerate approach will help you enjoy an affable relationship with your partner. You will feel more intimate and bonded with your partner during this period. Love life will be intriguing and appealing. If you had any fights or misunderstandings in your love life, this is the right time to settle those issues. You are more likely to receive a love proposal from a friend. Health – Your health will be on a positive note during this transit period. Cure from forgoing ailments is indicated. You will work more towards your fitness which will make you look young. Visiting pilgrimage or religious spots could bring inner peace. However, you need to take extra caution against seasonal illnesses. Home Remedies

  • Chant the mantra “Om Pushyanathaya Namah” 108 times daily.
  • Seek blessings from parents and saints.
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