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Importance of Pradosham Fasting

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 3,832
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In Hinduism, Time is worshipped as God. Time is the force that is always surging ahead bringing about change. And change is transformation of energy from one state to another created by position shifts of celestial bodies. In human life, time manifests the mind, its thoughts, intentions, and experiences. Therefore, our birth on earth is perceived as unfolding of our deeds or Karma.


What is Pradosham?

According to Hindu astrology, each planet rule each hour of a day. Therefore each hour of the day has specific vibrations causing happiness, pain, loss, joy, gain, and suffering to humans based on the level of frequency with which each individual connects to the planetary energies. Pradosham is a specific window of time and it is believed that the energy during this time makes it easier to dissolve and release karma. Rituals at Pradosham times are said to connect with the frequency of energy abundantly available to humans.

What are the rituals followed during Pradosham?

Fasting is one of the major rituals that is believed to cleanse our body from negative vibrations. Fasting or abstaining from food for long hours before worshipping God is a useful way of liberation through physical purification and ascetic way of disciplining one’s mind for receiving better consciousness.


Fasting is followed by worshipping of Lord Shiva during Pradosham time. Soma (Shiva) Pradosham is observed on Monday and Shani (Saturn) Pradosham on Saturday. Other two Pradoshams are on Triyodashi or the 13th Moon day in the Shukla paksha (waxing Moon phase) and Krishna paksha (waning Moon phase). Invoke the Blessings of Lord Shiva during his power time (Pradosham) to dissolve bad karma

The three levels of Pradosham:

There are three different energy levels during Pradosham depending on which day of the month it occurs. Each energy frequency is indicative of how much karma may be released at that time. Dr. Pillai says all three levels of Pradosham are designed to help speed up our evolution and make our lives easier and happier. All Pradoshams occur between 1-1/2 hours before sunset in the time zone where you are physically. The smaller energy level Pradoshams occur every day during this time. The middle energy level Pradoshams occur twice each month - on the 13th moon day after the New Moon and after the Full Moon. If you are counting from the Full Moon, Pradosham will normally occur two days before the next New Moon, and if you are counting from the New Moon Pradosham will normally occur two days before the next Full Moon. The larger energy level Pradosham occurs when one of the 13th moon days occurs on a Saturday. The planet Saturn is considered an Archetypal Agent of Karma who delivers many of life's tougher lessons to help us refine and evolve their souls. On a Saturday Pradosham it is believed that the Archetypal Being Shiva has more influence over Saturn and can cause Saturn to loosen or release entirely some of the karmic bonds that limit us.

Recommendations of Dr. Pillai:

Dr. Pillai recommends several sounds and practices to make the most of the karma busting energies during Pradosham. The sounds are charged with these transformative energies and create a connection with the part of the Universe that is protecting us and helping us to evolve. He encourages people to recite the karma busting sounds Thiru Neela Kantam. A simple and powerful ancient ritual is still widely practiced in India today involves pouring milk over a Shiva Linga as one recites Thiru Neela Kantam. Invoke the Blessings of Lord Shiva during his power time (Pradosham) to dissolve bad karma


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  • K.B.Menon.
    Om Nama: Shivaya, Very nicely written. Menon.
    November 8, 2015