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Characteristics of Pushyami Nakshatra

May 6, 2016 | Total Views : 2,896
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The Pushyami Nakshatra is considered the most auspicious of the 27 lunar constellations. The celestial location of this eighth nakshatra is 3:20 to 16.40 in Cancer. The Rig Veda states that the ancient name of the Pushyami nakshatra was Tishya, or the Celestial Archer. The word “Pushya” means “nourishment” in Sanskrit. It also means “yielding” or “nurturing.” The energy of this nakshatra is the ability to create spiritual energy. It also has the ability to satisfy and harmonize. With symbols of a lotus, arrow, circle, and udder of the holy cow, the Pushya nakshatra deity is Brishaspati, or the Guru. This nakshatra is ruled by Shani, or Saturn, which causes delays. characteristics-of-pushyami-nakshatra The Pushyami nakshatra is also called Poosam, Tishya, Pusya, Barhaspatya, Pushkararaja, Vutkrta, Indrapurohita, and Paushakya. Sacred to the Pushyami star is the peepal tree. One who makes an offering to this nakshatra gains the splendor of spiritual knowledge and attains the power to overcome evil with good. Natives have a primary motivation to the right actions.

Auspicious nakshatra

It is a very auspicious nakshatra, and any work done in the Pushyami nakshatra yields favorable results. Even if the other yogas are adverse, it destroys their bad effects and grants good results. It is called the sarva siddhi yog of this nakshatra. Performing remedies, celebrating festivals, doing things to improve health, and for all other auspicious purposes, this nakshatra is highly favorable.


Life path of Pushyami nakshatra natives

Natives can be disciplined, practical, and philosophical. They will be endowed with a good education with consistent good academic performance. They have vast knowledge in different fields. They attain very good spiritual success. They are hard-working and dedicated by nature. Though they will be obedient and sincere to their parents, they will face problems in family life. Males of the Pushyami star are earnest, intelligent, caring, and religious in nature. They have qualities which help them achieve success in the material world. They are reliable and good friends. They have the ability to rise in position and command respect from others. They will be loved and admired by their family members. On the negative side, they have an indecisive nature and desire more attention. A fondness of good clothes, responding quickly to admiration, and hesitation to form strong attachments are some of the traits seen in these natives. Females of the Pushyami rashi are charming and capable. They will be associated with charitable organizations, community, and social affairs. They will come across as cultured, well-read individuals. They will be financially independent. In public careers, they will be well-known in their circles. They are loving at heart and strong believers of morals. Women will not have very happy married lives with their husbands. Suitable professions for these nakshatra natives would be the government sector, food industry, politics, dairy, irrigation, restaurant owner, anchor, or counselor.

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