How to Attract an Aries Man

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How to Attract an Aries Man

May 26, 2016 | Total Views : 4,763
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You have to be bold, confident, and intelligent to arouse an Aries man, and if you also have the looks it becomes all the more easy to catch his glimpse. An Aries man is high on energy, and he looks for excitement in whatever he does, so he needs a partner who enjoys the same zest in life. His arrogance might be annoying, but deep down inside an Aries is warm-hearted, generous in his affections, and ready to defend and protect the one he adores. Here is what you need to make an Aries man fall for you. how-to-attract-an-aries-man

Must be adventurous

- The thrill of adventure gives him an adrenaline rush, and the more challenging it is, the better it becomes. He needs an equally adventurous and forward-thinking partner who can accompany him on his quests. You need to reveal the adventurous side of you to keep him interested. He will love to see your enthusiasm when he goes hiking, skiing, or paragliding. However, remember that if a situation arises when one of you has to lead, you should understand that he will naturally go for it.


If you too are inclined to take up that position, you have to express your wish in a cordial way. An Aries man will appreciate your honesty. He gets agitated when his ego is hurt.

Your looks and attitude

- The charm of an Aries man, his magnetic personality, and his exuberance make him the eligible bachelor of the zodiac. The intense masculine energy of Mars in the Aries man makes him attracted to feminine qualities. To woo an Aries man you will have to pay attention to your appearance. A beautiful face, a lovely smile, and an athletic physique will easily attract his attention. However, if these qualities are not supplemented with womanly qualities like tenderness, gentleness, and sensitivity, he will not be very keen on following such a woman. An important thing to remember here is you should never pretend to be someone you are not. An Aries cannot stand shady characters. External looks matter for the Aries man, but a woman should be honest, confident, and intelligent to contest for the role of becoming his sweetheart. Show your emotions – The Aries man longs for care and physical affection, and he would love to have a partner who is open and transparent in her emotions for him. He enjoys challenges, be it about chasing the girl of his choice, wooing her, or cracking the mysteries surrounding her. So, if you want him to be interested in you, be open but not easygoing. An Aries man likes being valued and appreciated. However, make sure you never try to make him feel jealous, as this will backfire on you. He is volatile, sometimes combative, but he doesn’t hold any grudges, and so he likes a partner who easily forgives and forgets. Winning an Aries heart is difficult, but once you get access you can be assured that your lover will do whatever it takes to make you feel secured and loved. You can strengthen the relationship with your undying love, respect, trust, and appreciation for him.

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