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Mini Dkrp Services

Daily Karma Removal Program


1 Year “Mini” Version of the Daily Karma Removal Program

The original DKRP offers a more comprehensive and intense daily line up of services however this program was designed with maximum karma removal at a minimum cost for those of you on a budget.

The 3 Key Elements:

BONUS: Birthstar Poojas on Your Birthstar Day

Overview of Services – 34+ Rituals Per Month




Every Moon Phase-Daily Sunset Karma Removal Window/ Pradosham

Karma Removal Hydration Ceremony/Abishekam and Light and Sound Ritual/Archana

Vortex/Temple in Chennai

11th Moon/Ekadasi

Wealth Fire Lab/Homa

Vortex/Temple near Chennai, Special for Male Archetype of Wealth

13th Moon/Pradosham

Karma Removal Elaborate Ceremonies- Hydration Ceremony/Abishekam & Light and Sound Rituals/Archana

AstroVed Temple and Fire Lab/Homa Center, Chennai

New Moon/Amavasya- 15th Waning

Karma Removal Fire Lab/Homa- Special for Archetype of Justice and Setting Things Right

AstroVed Temple and Fire Lab/Homa Center, Chennai

New Moon/Amavasya- 15th Waning

Ancestral Karma Removal Ritual-“Tarpanam”

Vortex/Temple near Kumbakkonam- Special for Ancestors

Full Moon/Purnima – 15th Waxing

Prosperity and Wealth Fire Lab/Homa

Vortex/Temple near Kumbakkonam- Special for Female Archetype for Wealth

Scheduled By Appointment
Special Service:
Angel Reading/Vishnu Maya Reading

Receive Divine Guidance from the Goddess

Over skype or phone

BONUS: Personal Birthstar/Nakshatra Days

Personal Birthstar Ritual/Pooja

Vortex/Temple for 27 Birthstars/Nakshatras

Know More About Birthstars/Nakshatras


1. Personal Karma Removal

Daily and 13th Moon/Pradosham- Archana (Ritual using Light and Sound)
Pradosham means the removal of sins. It occurs on both waxing and waning 13th Moons (twice per month) as this is the astrological energy time to remove karma or energy signatures from past actions.

There is also a daily Pradosham time called Sunset Pradosham. In Vedic mythology, there is only one temple where this daily Pradosham is very effective because of its association with Nandi, the bull of Siva. The story goes that Nandi was sent to the Earth plane to initiate the daily removal of sins here.

DKRP participants will have an archana ceremony a done for them on daily basis during Sunset Pradosham. Every 13th Moon, bi-monthly, elaborate Pradosham rituals will be performed at the AstroVed Temple and Fire Lab Center.

New Moon/Amavasya-15th Waning Moon- Fire Lab for Karma Removal and Correcting Injustices A fire ritual will be performed for the Archetype of Justice “Karuppasamy” at the AstroVed Temple and Fire Lab Center. This God is a no nonsense deity that cuts through injustices or karmas that are inflicted on you by others.

2. Ancestral Karma Removal

New Moon/Amavasya- 15th Waning Moon- “Tarpanam”
Spiritually speaking there are two reasons for all of our mundane problems. One caused by the planets, the other by departed spirits. We should constantly take care of them in order to have a peaceful life.

Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage- Soul Genetics. Your departed ancestors can help solve the problems or hinder you if discontented.

A ritual called “Tarpan” or “Tarpanam” feeds the spirits and helps them to be peaceful and enthusiastic, this fortifies them to help you from their realm to your realm. The Tarpanam food consists of black sesame seeds, rice, sometimes a special grass called ‘dharba’ and coins.

During new moon day the departed spirits come to the Earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

3. Karma Free Prosperity

11th Moon/Ekadasi Fire Lab
Ekadasi means the 11th Moon. There is abundant material energy available on this day through the Male Archetype for Wealth. This fire lab will be performed in a very powerful temple/vortex dedicated to him.

Full Moon Day/Purnima- 15th Waxing Moon-Fire Lab/Homa
The Full Moon day Fire Lab will be performed for the Female Archetype for Wealth at a very powerful and little known temple/vortex near Chennai. This Goddess here has 6 toes which makes her unique and extremely powerful.

Added Special Service

Angel Reading/Vishnu Maya Reading
Vishnu Maya is an esoteric science practiced by very few masters who have acquired the blessings of the great Siddhas. These masters channel the energy of the Goddess and give answers to your questions. Your reading will give you understanding of what is going to happen in your future as well as the causes for some of the events of your past. The divine dialogue also prescribes valuable remedies that can clear the problem within a short duration.

Birthstar/Nakshatra Ritual/Pooja
Rituals performed on your birth star days protect you throughout the month. On your special day a ritual for your birth star will be performed at a temple/vortex that houses all 27 Nakshatra Lingas.


Crystal Siva Lingam - Small Size

Crystal Siva Lingam - Small Size

Lord Shiva is conceived in his unborn, invisible form as the Shiva Lingam. The Lingam represents the male creative energy of Shiva, or cause and is worshipped as the Supreme Consciousness or Highest Intelligence. The base of the lingam is the yoni, the symbol of the feminine, as the universal energy of creation/effect, or ‘Shakti’. Through ritu... 

US $ 20.00
Free Shipping
Crystal Shiva Lingam - Medium Size (21 to 25 gm)

Crystal Shiva Lingam - Medium Size (21 to 25 gm)

Take advantage of the “Windows of Time” that when open are most favourable and supportive to “Bust Your Karma”. An Anointing/Hydration Ritual/Abishekam to the Shiva Lingam performed at these special times helps to dissolve your karma. It is beneficial to do this ritual anytime however it has more potency and effect during daily Prados... 

US $ 40.00
Free Shipping