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planet statues

5 Metal / 9 Planet Statues

The Practise of Statue Worship

Navagraha This set of Planetary Statues is handcrafted by local artisans in India. (watch videos below). They are temple quality composed of 5 metals; gold, silver, copper, bronze and zinc. The yogis claim that the 5 metals serve as the perfect medium to hold and retain divine, cosmic energy. Honor them by offering your sincere prayers to establish a communication line. Simply lighting a candle or better yet, a ghee lamp will make the statue to come alive. You can then offer incense and flowers to invite the archetypal energies into your space. : Each of the nine planetary statues can be purchased individually or they can be purchased as a complete set. For individual purchases please contact support@astroved.com Approximate dimensions :

Set #1

  • Height= 5.2″
  • Width= 2″
  • Base= 2″Deep

Set #2

  • Height= 9″
  • Width= 4″
  • Base= 3″Deep
S & H included. Please allow approximately one month for delivery as the statues will be custom ordered and then shipped from India You May Also Like:
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