Moon Pooja

Moon Pooja

The Moon, is the nearest cosmic neighbor to the Earth, wields her influence on every individual’s existence.
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Moon Pooja

About Moon Pooja

‘Chandrama Manaso Jataka’ claims the ancient Vedic text, meaning that Chandra, the Moon was born from the mind of the Almighty. It is believed that he was also born as the very personification of the mind.

Chandra, the Moon God, is one of the important Navagrahas, the nine dominant planets. He is the only satellite of mother earth that keeps orbiting her and remains as our closest neighbor in space. Hence, he is said to impact the lives of the people in many ways strongly. Moon rules the mind and therefore is known as Mano Karaka. He also denotes sensitivity, emotions and domestic comforts. Moon’s importance can be well-seen by the fact that the star constellation and the zodiac sign in which the Moon travels at the time of one’s birth becomes that person’s birth star and birth sign respectively. Chandra is a planetary Lord who can give a lot of positive results to the people but can also prove otherwise when placed not so favorably in one’s natal chart.

Moon pooja is a worship done to Chandra Dev, which it is believed, is capable of increasing his positive effects and minimizing the negatives.

Why Perform Moon Pooja?

Chandra, the lord of thoughts and emotions, and hence Moon pooja is meant for those who seek emotional stability and sensitivity in themselves. Further, it is said that this worship can also earn the blessings of Lord Shiva for the people.

According to a legend, the Moon was married to all the 27 daughters of King Daksha and was once cursed by his father-in-law when he became partial towards one of them and started ignoring others. The curse made Chandra diminish gradually in form. The chastised Moon realized his folly, prayed to Shiva and pleaded for his mercy. The compassionate Lord provided relief to the Moon, who then regained his form and then started waning and waxing on successive fortnights.

Hence, performing Moon pooja and also praying to Shiva is said to be effective for accessing the energies of Lord Shiva.


Benefits of Moon Pooja

This is potent worship for pleasing Chandra Dev and getting his benevolent glance on the devotees. The Moon God’s grace can manifest in the form of a variety of benefits. It can both, calm and also sharpen a mind at the same time. This can ensure balance and internal stability; cure diseases and disorders like the ulcer, and stomach and intestinal ailments, and improve fitness; bring in success, public acclaim, love and happiness in life; improve self-worth, and make life purposeful and enjoyable.

When to Perform Moon Pooja?

The Moon’s day is Monday. It is the weekday governed by the planet. The Moon also likewise is said to rule over a period of about an hour, and it is called the Moon Hora. Monday — Moon Hora, the day and time of the Moon thus remain as the highly promising period for performing Moon pooja. Pournami is the Full Moon day when the Moon is at its brightest and most resplendent. This Moon worship can thus be done very well on the Pournami days. Also, Chathurti, the fourth lunar day is also recommended for performing this.


Mantra for Moon Pooja

Om Shram Sreem Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah

This is the sacred hymn which speaks the praise of the Moon God and offers prayers to him. This is recited during the Moon pooja and is believed to get for the devotees, the blessings of Lord Chandra.

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