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Best Astrologers in Mumbai

Are you residing in Mumbai and want to consult with our expert team of astrologers? Now, getting an answer to your problems is just a click away! You can make use of our online services to get detailed Online Predictions/ Readings and Daily/Monthly/Yearly Horoscope.

The residents of Mumbai can avail of AstroVed’s vast Astrological services to fast-track their way towards success. Get a detailed insight and analysis of the chosen field you wish to develop and let our Astrologers do all the work for you. No need to fret and worry anymore, we can help you in every field and suggest means of finding remedies for your shortcomings, all at your own sweet time and convenience. However, do not delay, since divine windows of opportunity are not open forever and can close anytime.

Astrologers in Mumbai and famous Astrologers in Mumbai are now just a click away!

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In addition to providing a wide range of Astrology services, our expert astrologers in Mumbai also study particular areas of concern in your life in your birth chart and offer solutions and remedies to your life problems.

AstroVed offers several services for your convenience and meets your requirements, which include:

Instant Access Consultation(Now)

If thoughts and doubts about future events are troubling you, then it’s time to call our famous astrologers in Mumbai and cast away your anxieties. Get back on the right track and lead a happy and trouble-free life.


Live Astrology Consultation(Schedule)

Are concerns about the future leaving you sleepless? Fear not! AstroVed’s expert team of Astrologers in Mumbai can help you get an insight and suggest appropriate remedies to resolve your problems.


Prasna Astrology

AstroVed offers an Instant Insight into Online Prasna services to resolve your troubles. We offer several packages in this category, so choose what is best for you.


Ask Astrologer 3 Questions Service

You can consult our panel of best astrologers in Chennai and ask them up to 3 of your important questions and get clear guidance on how to deal with your pressing problems in life


Betel Leaf Astrology

This is an ancient and powerful prediction method, practiced mainly in Kerala of and gives significant insight into your future. 


Apart from these branches of Astrology, we also offer:

Nadi Astrology

All of us may have experienced hair-raising moments in life. Well, when you have your Nadi leaf reading with AstroVed’s Nadi Leaf specialists, you are sure to get goose Read More

Vishnu Maya Reading

Also known as ‘Angel Reading’, this service offers you divine guidance from the angel (Vishnu Maya) to ease you from your sufferings Read More

What our customers are saying

Vedic Astrology is a vast and diverse field which requires a lot of study and experience. Making accurate predictions based on the planetary positions is not an easy task and requires a lot of calculations, and intensive knowledge about the subject. Only those who are well versed in this field and have an aptitude to excel can make precise predictions about an individual’s life and fortunes.

AstroVed is a pioneer providing Vedic astrology and remedial services for over two decades. Over the years, our expert team of Astrologers has helped enrich the lives of many individuals all over the world and has provided invaluable guidance to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Today, Vedic Astrology is considered as a science and has helped enlighten the lives of many individuals by guiding them to overcome their past and present problems. Our expert astrologers study and analyze your birth chart and help solve your life problems with the help of appropriate remedies such as Poojas and other rituals.

Astrology is not restricted to specific regions or countries alone, but is relevant throughout the planet, wherever human beings exist. Astrological consultations can be carried out personally; if not possible, you can contact expert astrologers by phone or online, whichever is convenient for you. To study the effects of planets on your life, all our astrologers need is your date, time and place of birth.