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Pisces Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 8th 2019 - December 14th 2019)

2019-12-08 You will be able to spend quality time with your family members. Love and support from them will keep you in high spirits. However, do not initiate any unpleasant conversation .

2019-12-09 You may experience a lack of harmony in relationship matters. With a little understanding and adjustment, you will be able to correct the situation.

2019-12-10 Your friendly approach will serve to please your partner. This will increase understanding with each other.

2019-12-11 Your pleasant ways of communication will make your partner happy. This will enhance the rapport and understanding levels with your partner.

2019-12-12 The relationship with your partner may not be cordial. You need to be more sportive in your approach to maintain better levels of harmony with each other.

2019-12-13 You could find it hard to maintain a cordial relationship with your partner. Be more adjustable and exchange good words with your beloved. Find out what your partner has in mind and act accordingly.

2019-12-14 You could have a difference of opinion with your partner over a family issue. Avoid this in future and be more friendly.

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