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Pisces Love Relationship Weekly Horoscope (May 20th 2018 - May 26th 2018)

2018-05-20 You will display more concern and affection for your partner. You will also rejoice with your loved one while attending the marriage of your close friend.

2018-05-21 You could tend to get emotional with your partner and this will result in a difference of opinion. Therefore it is advisable to share friendly vibes.

2018-05-22 You are likely to enter into an argument with your partner owing to work related stress. However, it is good to avoid such situations and learn to take things lightly for better relations to prevail with each other.

2018-05-23 You are able to exhibit your loving and sincere feelings towards your partner. Due to this, mutual understanding will develop between the two of you.

2018-05-24 You are able to develop a sincere understanding with your partner. This will pave the way for better understanding to prevail between the two of you.

2018-05-25 You are likely to be more loving and compassionate towards your partner. This will enable you to strengthen the bonds in your relationship.

2018-05-26 You can make the day cheerful with positive thoughts and actions. This attitude will iron out all the wrinkles in your relationship.

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