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Pisces Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 16th 2018 - December 22nd 2018)

2018-12-16 Expenses for the health-issues of your mother could crop up. You may have to meet such contingencies.

2018-12-17 Health is likely to be average for the day. You may be troubled by allergies and also suffer from cough.

2018-12-18 You may not feel so good, health wise There may also be chances for headache.

2018-12-19 The day will be marked by high levels of energy flowing within you. This will enable you to enjoy fine health.

2018-12-20 You should have no trouble health wise. You will be able to maintain good fitness levels for the day.

2018-12-21 Health will be fine and you will not be troubled by any ailments. Fitness levels will be high and you will be cheerful.

2018-12-22 Good health is foreseen for the day. As everything on this day tends to be fine, you will be hale and hearty.

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