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Capricorn General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (March 24th 2019 - March 30th 2019)

2019-03-24 You could make some unexpected gains and this will give you a lot of satisfaction. The arrival of visitors is bound to cheer you up. This will also make you feel very happy.

2019-03-25 The day is foreseen to be a lucky one. You will be able to achieve your goals and this will bring cheer to you. Major decisions can be pursued for the day.

2019-03-26 You will find this day ideal for making progress. You will be able to exhibit your skills in pursuing your objectives. Taking major decisions will prove to be good.

2019-03-27 You need to be more practical in your approach, as this is very much required of you Making yourself happy will enable you to overcome fatigue and boost confidence levels. Don't depend on luck to carry out your activities.

2019-03-28 You may have to face some stress today. This may be due to an extra burden or responsibilities that you have to carry out. You could also feel a little insecure due to this. Don’t go in for major decisions.

2019-03-29 The day may not be filled with much activity. You need to be very alert while doing things to avoid adverse results. Careful planning is very much required for the day.

2019-03-30 You need to avoid impulsive actions as luck may not favor you for the day.

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