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Capricorn Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 8th 2019 - December 14th 2019)

2019-12-08 Stress may cause pain in the legs. Over work could also pose some problems for you.

2019-12-09 Avoid excitement and emotional feelings on this day. This will enable you to boost fitness levels.

2019-12-10 It is highly advisable for you to take things in an easy going manner. Avoid thinking too much and being emotional.

2019-12-11 You may contract some throat irritations. It will be wise to avoid consuming cold related items.

2019-12-12 You will be more sportive in your approach. This will result in feeling more energetic and help you maintain high levels of fitness for the day.

2019-12-13 Physical fitness will be very fine for the day. You will have more energy and this will keep you in good health.

2019-12-14 You will not face any major health problems. However, you could feel a little tired.

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