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Aries General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 20th 2019 - January 26th 2019)

2019-01-20 The day does not favor positive results. However, you need to keep yourself happy and devote time for listening to music as this will give you satisfaction. Avoid getting emotional and being impulsive.

2019-01-21 This day may fail to produce the desired results. You will get impatient and show signs of frustration. Avoid taking any major decisions on this day. It will be advisable to take everything in a light manner.

2019-01-22 You can spend the day in participating in temple rituals as this will give you happiness. This will also bring about satisfaction. Avoid taking any major decisions on this day.

2019-01-23 This day may bring some stressful situations that will be time-consuming to overcome. It will not be an ideal day for making major decisions. However, you are likely to compromise on certain comforts for the greater good.

2019-01-24 This day will see you in a highly motivated state. You can make the day favorable to secure positive results by means of your sincere efforts. You will be quick to take decisions.

2019-01-25 Your efforts will ensure the desired results for the day. Some unexpected benefits will make you happy.

2019-01-26 You are likely to find this day to be good. You can make use of this time for making some vital decisions related to your development. You can gather good experience by meeting and gaining the contacts of new people.

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