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Aries Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 19th 2020 - January 25th 2020)

2020-01-19 You should be fit today. You will also be energetic and this will serve to keep you in great health.

2020-01-20 Prayer and meditation will help reduce the intensity of your health ailments. You might also develop pain in the legs.

2020-01-21 You might need to spend some money to keep yourself fit and fine. Avoid consuming cold items so that you don’t succumb to throat infection. Get your eyes checked too.

2020-01-22 Stress may cause some back and leg pain. Practicing meditation or yoga will bring about health benefits.

2020-01-23 There should not be any fitness problems for the day. Your happy state of mind will keep you in good health.

2020-01-24 You are likely to be highly energetic and enjoy good levels of fitness. There should not be any health problems.

2020-01-25 You are likely to be in high spirits for the day. This will help you enjoy fine health.

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