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Aries Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 20th 2019 - January 26th 2019)

2019-01-20 Increasing expenses are indicated for the day. This will leave you financially drained and shortage of money could be a matter of concern.

2019-01-21 Loss of money could be possible while traveling. This will be due to your negligent attitude. It is vital that you be careful.

2019-01-22 You may incur some additional expenditure on this day. You can avail short term loans to meet your needs.

2019-01-23 Spending money towards house renovation may be required. There are also chances to incur unwanted expenditure.

2019-01-24 This will not be a favorable day to take major financial decisions. Venturing into new investments could prove to be hazardous financially.

2019-01-25 There should be good inflow of money. Your bank balance will also see an increase.

2019-01-26 You will be happy with the money that you have in hand. You are able to meet your requirements with the resources available.

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