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Gemini Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (October 20th 2019 - October 26th 2019)

2019-10-20 The day may not be good with respect to money matters. Each and every rupee should be saved to sustain the momentum.

2019-10-21 Loss of money could be possible while traveling and due to negligence. It is vital for you to exercise caution.

2019-10-22 The day may not be a good one for financial progress. You have to take good care of your money.

2019-10-23 Money flow will be adequate for the day. You can plan your future course of action by saving more.

2019-10-24 Monetary fortunes will not favor you. It is essential to plan your finances well in order to maintain stability.

2019-10-25 Learn to handle money well and spend it only for useful or important purposes. You might have access to only a small amount of money, but your skills will enable you to stretch this out comfortably.

2019-10-26 You are unlikely to find the day favorable for monetary progress. You could face financial losses and this will leave you disappointed.

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