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Why is Ram Navami Celebrated

DateMarch 16, 2020


It is the promise from the Almighty, that “ Whenever the Dharma or the righteousness is trembling, he would ascend and protect Dharma”. This promise has been carried out for several Yugas, where it has been divided into four. Through his magnificent grace, he has incarnated several times, and descended to Earth, to protect hid devotees. Lord Rama is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, where he lived a pure life, which is filled with a lot of sacrifices. Sri Rama Navami is celebrated to rever Lord Rama, one of the greatest kings of the world.

Why is Ram Navami celebrated

His life was instrumental in making other’s life beautiful. He protected many innocent people as an amulet and brought happiness in their lives. He considered everyone equal and had no distinction in the way he treated his subjects. “Guhan”, a boat rider was also considered as a sibling by Lord Rama, where his magnificent grace was filled with happiness.

The Delicacies of Sri Rama Navami:

Sri Ramanavami is celebrated during the end of the Spring, which is the mark of a new beginning, where people pray to bring a ray of positive things in life. Celebrations knew no discriminations, where they are an integral part of life. Prayers, chanting, and mass worships are performed during Rama Navami, along with fastings.

Panakam: a simple and refreshing drink is prepared by adding jaggery, ginger powder, and pepper powder. Many people also add spices like cardamom and cloves. The drink contains a lot of good minerals present in jaggery. The ginger and pepper enhance digestion and preserve health. The other species enhance the flavor. Thus it is one of the simplest, and enriching drinks.

Vada Pappu: A simple recipe which not only nourishes the body but also highly easy
to digest is none other than this simple “Moong Lentil” is soaked and added with scrapings of the coconut and other spices. Adding coconut nourishes the body, the carbohydrate, and the rich protein content helps the body and supply with essential nutrients. Many people add a little lime water, and ginger. Yes, a lot of minute customization is also seen in different places, owing to their taste pallets. It is highly filling and tasty, which occupies an important place among the other Prasadams.

Spiced Buttermilk: This is one of the prominent drinks, known to Indians since time immemorial. When the curd is churned for butter, the remaining water was the original buttermilk, where a lot of mild spices are added to enhance the flavor. The sour taste of the buttermilk will give a zing when combined with the choicest of asafetida, salt, slit chilies, and jeera being added to it. Adding a lot of Coriander and mint leaves will enhance the flavor, and add antioxidants. It is a natural coolant for the body.


When anything is offered with love and care it becomes an elixir. Thus in Indian customs, all the foods prepared at home are first offered to God. Many people prepare a lot of delicacies, to be offered to the deity, and to distribute it among Kith and Kin. It is also important to distribute food and alms to underprivileged and support them.


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