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Vishnupati 2012: Create Long Lasting Material Wealth

DateMay 7, 2012


Vishnupati occurs 4 times a year, when Sun moves into one of the ‘fixed’ signs’ of the zodiac. The Sun’s energy in the fixed signs is more “focused”, and it makes it easier to manifest results on the material plane. The 2012 Vishnupati on May 14th IST is more opportune to create wealth as on this day the Sun enters the most material sign of Taurus which makes possible to create long-lasting material wealth.



Enhance Your Prosperity

Vishnupati also spelled as Vishnupathi is the opportune time to access energies of Lord Vishnu to increase your financial gains. On May 14th IST, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, the Bull. Taurus is unique as it is both “fixed” and an Earth sign, the only sign in the Zodiac with this combination. The stability of this sign for material comforts is quite strong. In addition, Taurus is ruled by Venus whose overlord is Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance.

The secret to wealth is that you are not stuck even if poverty was born in you. You simply have to go to Lord Vishnu and ask for an upgrade.


Exhaust your Karma

Missing Vishnupati is like missing an opportunity in the material and spiritual world. It’s a time when blessings are available in abundance. If you have caused harm or pain to a living being, consciously or subconsciously, in one of your previous births or even in this birth, prayers done on this day will give manifold results and help to exhaust your karma faster.


Lord Vishnu and Vishnupati 2012

Lord Vishnu is the preserver and sustainer of life. He is represented with characteristics of righteousness, truth, principles of order and his steadfastness. He is the archetype of material gains, along with his consort Lakshmi; he is the supporter and sustainer of the material and spiritual worlds, representing a 200% life.

On Vishnupati, the archetype Vishnu grants boons of wealth, abundance and material success to all those who sincerely seek his grace and blessings. This divine time period known as “Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam”, is the most sought-after 9 hour window of opportunity for fast dissolution of mental impurities, quick spiritual evolution, and enhanced material gains. This is the time you can access this energy and request for a financial upgrade.



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