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Virgo – Characteristics and Personality

DateJuly 11, 2014

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac is represented by an emblem depicting a virgin in a boat with grains in one hand and a light in the other.

How One Becomes a Virgo?

At the time of birth, if the Moon had been moving through the stars Uttaraphalguni or Hasta or Chitra (falling under the sign Virgo) then a person is born under a Virgo Moon. Vedic astrology gives prime importance to the position of Moon, the planet that symbolizes one’s feelings and emotions. The astrology sign that houses the Moon will determine the kind of traits and qualities he or she will portray.

Characteristics and Personality of Virgo

Characteristics of Virgo and Its Influence on a Person

Being an earthy sign, a Virgo-born can blend well with his or her natural habitat. A Virgo appreciates tangible and physical things. It is also a mutable sign which makes the native look for change and variety in life. Virgo seeks improvement and refinement in the circumstances in which he or she may be subjected to.

Mercury is the ruling planet for the sign Virgo. In Astrology, Mercury is the planet that bestows qualities of reasoning, discrimination and articulation. The association of the planet makes the native wise, intuitive, having an eye for detail. Virgo’s strong writing and communication abilities make the native excel in the fields of personal service and customer relations.

Represented by a Virgin, an embodiment of purity, a Virgo is a stickler for tidiness. A peaceful and ordered atmosphere keeps the native in a composed state of mind. Such individuals feel impurities more acutely than others.

Qualities That Highlight the Personality of a Virgo

A Virgo is sensitive and helpful in nature. The native is slow and shy in making friends but when he or she accepts a relationship, it becomes the gentlest and the kindest of companionship. A Virgo has deep ties with the family and is able to deal with emotional problems quite maturely.
Living life in a set routine makes a Virgo happy. Virgo’s knack for counseling and comforting people make such a native useful person to have around. A Virgo is the most level-headed of all the zodiac signs. A Virgo’s analytical mind and power of discrimination can help in handling important positions with ease.

Some Negative Traits

Strong analytical ability often makes a Virgo vulnerable to develop a tendency to be overly critical, finding faults with him or her and others. A Virgo’s attitude of trying to put everything in an orderly manner irritates people around.

A Virgo is intelligent but also prone to excess worry and anxiety. Difficulty in expressing the innermost feelings is what often makes a Virgo hard to understand.

Celebrities having Moon in Virgo – Courteney Cox, Madonna, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sharon Stone


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