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Venus in Pisces: Understanding Men, Celebrating the Mystery of Women

DateMarch 14, 2013


Venus will be Exalted when it moves into Pisces on March 17th IST. This is an important transit because of the 9 planets Venus is the one that supports relationships. Love, Money, Home, Car and the procreative aspects of life are all associated with Venus. When Venus is weak, your ability to experience enjoyment becomes impaired.




Venus is shrouded in mystery and astrologically has a huge impact on you, particularly, how you relate to women. It is difficult to foresee the influence of Venus unfolding in your life. In one’s astrological chart, Venus is indicative of women. The innate link between Venus and women is the cause behind the oftentimes mysterious nature of women.


A beneficial and healthy energy is activated when Venus becomes exalted in Pisces. The higher energy of Venus brings more stability in love matters. The planet gives you an ability to understand men in a different perspective and to enjoy the mystery of women. During this favorable Venus transit, you will be able to mend supercharge your relationships with just a little extra effort.

The way for you to receive the support of Venus is to perform a virtual Pooja for Venus during his hour.


Astrological Considerations for the Venus Exaltation Day:

On March 17th, 2013, Venus, the planet of love moves into his Exaltation sign of Pisces and the Moon moves into his Exaltation sign of Taurus in the star of Rohini making this an exceptional time for Relationships. The Moon manages the mind and it being in exaltation would give lot of emotions that make the chance for romance possible. It is a great time to start dating or even to propose. Venus in exaltation and in exchange with Jupiter is another major celestial happening. This astrological combination will support authentic love, expressing your desires and having them fulfilled.



It is because of Venus that we have happiness in this world, particularly happiness with regard to acquisition of material wealth and fulfillment of the senses. Venus stands for finances as well as luxury, vacation, clothes, jewelry and anything that gives you satisfaction.


Did You Know?

Venus is also a teacher. He holds the secrets of manifestation and the mysteries of the life and death process.



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