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Vedic Technology Comes to Your Rescue

DateJune 6, 2016

In a recent video, Dr. Pillai’s face was flooded with sunlight just as he was explaining his personal connection with the sun.

You’ve probably had the experience: while looking at the night sky, you felt an emotional stirring and had no words for it.

How did you react? Perhaps, you loudly called a loved one, “Come see the moon. It’s so beautiful tonight.” Or you just remained silent.

According to yogic science, your intuition knows that the Moon—one of nine Vedic planets and not a mere satellite—is a living and conscious being. The other planets are also sentient and alive.


Once, I read something about a technique for connecting with the sun. Despite being filled with doubt, I decided to try it—I stared at the gentle rays of sunrise for about 15 seconds. Suddenly, my whole head was filled with a burst of white, shining light. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Rishis and the Vedic population of India held regular talks with many planetary divine beings and extraterrestrial visitors or gods.

These gods—Indra, Rudra, Agni, among them—and the tales describing their influence on human life are still embedded in the classics of Vedic astrology.

Solutions to Universal Struggles

How many times have you tried to solve a problem only to find that it keeps coming back again and again in different forms, keeping you baffled, frustrated or heartbroken?

Maybe you’ve been attracting the same kind of partner who is just not right for you. Or a job that fails to pay your bills.

According to the Vedic tradition and the Tamil Siddhas—a secretive yogic lineage of India—the above experiences stem from your past lives and harmful planets keeping you lethargic or unconscious.

The yogis of India believe that at the moment of your birth your brain, genes, DNA and consciousness carry traces of your past choices and inclinations.

These energies now push you toward a predetermined destiny and behavior.

This unavoidable imprint can greatly reduce our freedom and we need massive amounts of resolve and action to overcome its influence.

Often our efforts have no bearing on our bad karma—or the law of cause and effect.

You might be inclined toward overspending or getting easily frustrated with people and circumstances, or lacking the necessary perseverance for success.

Dr. Pillai, a scholar and compassionate Siddha Master, says that most have such negative preconditioning that they get stuck in difficult conditions.

He adds that the solution can be found in Vedic astrology.

vedic-technology-comes-to your-rescue

Vedic Solutions

Vedic astrology asserts that you can fix a planet causing you poor health, an unhappy relationship or insufficient income.

To this effect, Dr. Pillai has conceived a program called Fix Your Planets—a comprehensive series of Vedic remedies said to be able to change one’s future.

This is a highly evolved science coming to us from the Vedic cosmology of the ancient seers or Rishis, who said that the invisible world is filled with celestial beings who can influence our lives for good or for worse.

It’s believed that by connecting with benevolent beings and pacifying the living entities behind the planets through certain mantras (or sacred sounds), herbs and gems, you can soften or eliminate harmful planetary effects on your life.

With this Vedic technology, many have experienced miracles and seen prior destructive tendencies disappear completely.

Developing an Intimate Connection

Interactive Astrology is a Vedic technology said to be able to identify planets causing you suffering. Additionally, through this system the astrologers can select personalized remedies to fix these “bad” planets.

The Vedic seers believed that manifesting a more positive and happy life is the natural result of removing adverse influences.

When we relinquish negative beliefs, low self-esteem, bad foods or wrong relationships—our lives can finally thrive and we receive miracles.

“The goal is interacting with each of you on a personal basis and then [dealing] with the problems,” said Dr. Pillai about Interactive Astrology.

“Whether it’s a money problem, a relationship problem or a health problem, it can all be fixed. In the last 25-30 years, I’ve learned the technology of fixing planets. I’m going to personally train the astrologers on how to do it.”

Happy manifesting!

By Donatella Lalitha Riback

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