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The Power of 8 Bhairavas in One

On February 26, 2013


The upcoming 8th waning Moon is for Samhara Bhairava. Samhara Bhairava possesses all the powers of the 8 Bhairavas. Worshiping all the eight Bhairavas blesses you with the incredible results. You will be able to accomplish what looked unattainable to you. Kala Bhairava rituals holds the secret to compress time and accomplishing your goals. The Lord gives you correct thoughts, vision and motivation. Those born in the star Ashlesha, Jyeshta, or Revati should pray to Samhara Bhairava for a fulfilling life.

There are 8 types of Bhairavas:

1. Asitanga Bhairava

2. Ruru Bhairava

3. Chanda Bhairava

4. Krothana Bhairava

5. Unmatha Bhairava

6. Kapala Bhairava

7. Beeshana Bhairava

8. Samhara Bhairava

The evil effects of black magic cause many to suffer from confusion, obstacles, marital discord, and disobedience of children. To clear the negative effects of black magic, call on Samhara Bhairava. The most favorable time for Bhairava worship is on the 8th waning phase of the moon.


Waning Moon Sani Pradosham - Remove Karma that Destroys Wealth

March 9th IST marks the second Maha Sani Pradosham in a month but this time it occurs during a waning Moon in the Dhanishta star. Dhanishta is a very auspicious star, it has the power to change something worthless into something valuable. The 1.5 hour time window just before sunset, on a waning Moon Sani Pradosham is when you can clear karma that destroys your wealth.


The very next day is Maha Shivaratri, the 14th Moon on March 10th IST and it is considered the Holiest Night of the Year. On Shivaratri, Goddess Parvati performs special poojas to Lord Shiva for the benefit of the world. On this special night, Shiva descends into the earth-plane and destroys negativity, providing you a window of time to get rid of your problems with regard to Money, Career, Family, Health, etc.

Astrological Considerations for 4 Upcoming Rituals:

1) 4th Waning Moon: Breaking Coconuts

2) Jyestha Tuesday: Special Health Ritual

3) 8th Waning Moon: Fixing Your Time

4) 13th Waning Moon Sani Pradosham

1) 4th Waning Moon: The obstacle removing power of Breaking Coconuts is amplified when performed on Lord Ganesha's 4th Waning Moon. The star on this day is Chitra, a very constructive star. It brings in abundant energy for building up any area of your life. The 4th Moon will remove the obstacles and the Chitra star will help to construct whatever is needed.


2) Jyestha Tuesday: Special Health Ritual: 1 Day 4 Healing Energies

This is the last Jyestha Tuesday until November 5th, 2013.

Jyestha Tuesday March 5th IST: According to the Siddha Agastya when the Jyestha birth star falls on a Tuesday, 4 miraculous healing energies are available from archetypal powers (Shiva, Vishnu, Muruga and Mars) The ritual using Light, Sound, & Sandalwood paste activates the Jyestha Linga and infuses the Sandalwood with tremendous remedial properties. You will receive this highly charged Sandalwood powder, which when applied to your body will provide optimal healing.

Disclaimer: Astrological Remedies are not a substitute for proper medical treatment or advice and so we urge you to follow the advice of medical professionals.


3) 8th Waning Moon 8th Waning Moon will make your debt shrink. This coming 8th Waning Moon falls on Tuesday which increases its ability to eliminate debts. Installments paid on this day towards your debt will make the debt to close sooner.

4) 13th Waning Moon (Sani Pradosham) The planet Saturn will be in a quadrant to the Moon and Jupiter will be aspecting the Moon making this is an energetic day.


Did You Know?

Siddhas and Yogis use the power of the Jyestha star to help them undertake severe penance. They would go underground on a Jyestha star day for their austere practice and reemerge from their penance also on a Jyestha star day.



Each Day of the Week has its own specific Energies:

Monday ruled by Moon, for fasting from speech, food, drinks, etc.

Tuesday ruled by Mars, for relief from Health Issues

Wednesday ruled by Mercury, for Knowledge and Wisdom

Thursday ruled by Jupiter, for blessings from Mentor

Friday ruled by Venus, for blessings from Goddesses

Saturday ruled by Saturn, for good Health and Longevity

Sunday ruled by Sun, for Good Vision



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