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THE Most Important Remedy: Enter the Vortex and Dissolve the Bad Karma

On July 05, 2014

I was asked “What are the remedies for relationship, for money and for health?” Remedies differ from person to person and it is important to know on an individual basis what is causing the relationship, money or health problem. The remedies, suggested by the Yogis and Rishis, belong to a very ancient time.

The most important remedy if you can afford it is to go to certain energy vortexes in India where temples have been built around the destiny changing vortexes. As soon as you enter the vortex you dissolve your bad relationship karma, bad money karma or bad health karma. There is a specific vortex for every type of problem and this has been documented in scriptures. ~ Dr. Pillai

One of the most important reasons you may not be succeeding in life can be found in the planets. Your karma is carried by planets in your birth chart. A Vedic Astrologer can tell you what planets are ‘good’ for you and what planets are ‘bad’ for you by analysing your chart. Click here for more information on a Good Bad Planets Report

Planetary energies can be mitigated or strengthened depending on their specific influence such as which houses they occupy in your birth chart, what houses they are transiting currently or if they are in a conjunct relationship or in some yoga combination based on the placements of other planets.

Maybe Mars in your birth chart causes you to have fiery relationships, or perhaps Mars is responsible for your skin eruptions. Perhaps you are experiencing 7.5 years of particular intensity from Saturn called Sade Sati. Even if Saturn is good for you in your chart, the pressure of your ‘Sade Sati’ can be reduced with awareness and remedies.Click here for more information on Saturn

There are various technologies to remedy the planets; however, entering into the planetary temple/vortex yourself is the most powerful.

For example, entering Vaiteeswaran Koil (Mars Temple) and participating in the remedy rituals will transmute your vibration that currently attracts ‘bad’ karma from Mars. The higher vibrational frequencies of any specialized vortex help to evolve your soul in unique ways.

Here is your chance for the most important remedy for you for Horoscope Karma Busting.... August 10-20, 2014, you can enter all 9 Planet temples. In addition, the trip will include several more ancient high vibration temple/vortexes identified by Siddhas.

In each one, you will participate in transformational spiritual technologies. It will be the trip of your lifetime for positive change.Click here for more information on this trip


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