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The Meaning of Angel Number 143

DateApril 11, 2024

Sometimes, a number keeps appearing often in our lives. If it appears more than three times in a few weeks, it’s no coincidence but a message from the Universe, and you need to acknowledge and respond to it. Such numbers are called Angel Numbers in Numerology.

An Angel number is a repeating number sequence that acts as a guide for spiritual exploration. It can range in sequences from 000 to 999, and each sequence has a different energy and meaning. If you focus on the numbers that repeatedly appear in your life, it can open up your intuition. Such numbers work like ‘green lights’ and hint that you may be on the right path. They will appear on clocks, bills, receipts, cards, and just about anywhere. Numerologists claim that the Universe guides you spiritually through these numbers and assures you that you are on the right path. These numbers could be associated with angels or a loved one who guides you in spirit.

In this blog, we will see what it means when the Angel number 143 recurs repeatedly in your life.

 What is the Meaning of 143 Angel Number?

In the Vedic system, a particular number is associated with each planet in the solar system.

· Number 1 – Sun

· Number 2 – Moon

· Number 3 – Jupiter

· Number 4 – Uranus

· Number 5 – Mercury

· Number 6 – Venus

· Number 7 – Neptune

· Number 8 – Saturn

· Number 9 – Mars

 The number 143 has the energy of the Sun (1), Uranus (4), and Jupiter (3). This is a challenging combination, as these 3 planets do not blend well together. Both Sun and Jupiter are strong planets that oppose each other. The Sun signifies leadership and purpose, while Jupiter signifies success and abundance. When they combine, as in 143, they mute each other, which means that Uranus (4) becomes dominant.

 Thus, the meaning of Angel number 143 is most similar to the meaning of Number 4. Number 4 represents stability and conscientiousness. Thus, Angel number 143 stands for support, foundation, and reliability.

 In order to fully understand the meaning of 143, it is important to understand the meaning of each individual unit in this number and then the meaning of 143 as a whole.

 Life Path

Your Life Path can be calculated by adding the digits of the number. Here, 1 + 4 + 3 = 8. The number 8 has two aspects. On the one hand, it means that you will have to work hard to overcome obstacles. But it also gives you resilience and wisdom. Since 8 is like an infinite loop, it also indicates the need for connectedness. People whose Life Path number is 8 tend to help others. They know that to lead a meaningful existence, one should connect with others. Such people possess strong manifesting powers and can access their higher self more easily.

The Spiritual Dimension

If you see 143 often, you will have a strong connection to the spirit realm, which should be strengthened through meditation and mindfulness. It suggests that guardian angels are hovering nearby, and you can seek them for guidance.

 Seeing 143 helps you open new doors. It asks you to be open to guidance from the Universe.” The spiritual goal of number 143 is to attain the highest level of spiritual awareness.

 143 and Love

The number is also a positive sign in matters of love, indicating that a profound spiritual connection is happening in your love relationship. Number 3, which represents success, and Number 4, which represents reliability and groundedness, can help lay the foundation for a great relationship. This energy is good for finding and keeping love.

 If 143 appears in a romantic setting (on a menu while having dinner) or during moments of intimacy, it means that you should focus on love and your relationship. It is the Universe’s way of telling you that your loved one is a good connection. It is basically giving you the green light to go ahead with the relationship. So you should act on this message.

 143 and Finance/Career

The individual meanings of 1, 4, and 3 indicate success or victory. 1 stands for leadership, 4 for reliability, and 3 for achievement. Together, they offer you success. The angels’ message is that you can attract money through your work and effort.

 The Universe will bring abundance, but only when you are ready to receive it. If you have faith and pursue your financial and career goals diligently, you will achieve them in due time.

 143 and Health

In this aspect, the 4 in 143 is important. It’s all about building foundations for your growth. Thus, in the context of health, it is hinting that it is time to reexamine your habits. There can be many responsibilities in your life, but you also need to take care of your body, mind, and soul. If you are neglecting these areas, 143 is telling you that you need a change in routine.

 To build a good life, health is the foundation. If your health is poor, you cannot work or enjoy life. This number brings an energy of commitment. It can help you focus on personal growth and development and improve areas that are weak in your life. If someone who sees the number 143 often wants to boost their health, the guardian angels and their own willpower will help them accomplish this, provided they act on it.


Seeing 143 repeatedly is the Universe telling you to pay attention. Success in your personal life, finances, career, and love will come, but you need to do the groundwork for it.

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