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Skanda Sashti - the ultimate answer to the question “How to succeed in life”

On October 05, 2010


A vibrant force surrounds you does not let you get trapped in any of the peril pits in life and makes you stand unbeatable in the crowd.

The vibrant force is none other than Lord Muruga who protects the entire Universe. Fondly denoted as Subramanya, Shanmuga, Skanda, Karthikeya and several other names, Lord Muruga is an all powerful hero who can defend you from the negative energy which tries to attack you at the slightest chance.

The son of Lord Shiva and the epitome of courage, Lord Muruga finds his abodes in 6 celestial spots. Devotees all over the world try to visit these godly spots at least once in their life to access HIS grace!

Here’s a great source for you to read on these 6 wonder spots

This celestial spots glow with the divine charm of Lord Muruga and gets highly energized during the 6 Power Days of Skanda Sashti. In the year 2010, these days fall between November 6th and 11th. The occasion celebrates the Lord’s roaring victory over the demon Surapadma.

Skanda Sashti is an opportunity for Lord Muruga’s ardent devotees to invite his vibrant grace to their lives, which can thwart the efforts of their enemies and gifts them with success?

Express your dedication by fasting on these power filled days. Here is what your dedication with fervent prayers will fetch you:

• Wisdom • Power • Health • Peace • Prosperity • Winning over enemies, relationship and litigation issues

AstroVed gives you never before chance to appease Lord Muruga on these 6 days of Skanda Sashti helping you succeed in life in all your endeavors.

So what are you waiting for, identify your path for victory and gratification forever>>> KNOW HOW


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