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Shubha Muhurtham Dates 2023

DateJune 28, 2022

Shubha Muhurtham Dates 2023

In India, Hindus have always depended on Shubha Muhurtham dates to fix weddings, engagements, housewarming ceremonies, baby showers, Upanayanam, business launches, religious functions, and many more. This is because, according to Vedic astrology, any event that is performed during an auspicious time or Shubha Muhurtha will have a happy and successful outcome. Hindus often consult the Hindu Almanac or Panchangam to determine an auspicious time for such ceremonies.

If you have any major family events coming up in 2023, here are the auspicious dates as per the Tamil Muhurtham calendar.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates 2023

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – January 2023

Thai (Jan-Feb) month is generally an auspicious month for weddings and functions.

January 18, Wednesday
January 25, Wednesday
January 26, Thursday
January 27, Friday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – February 2023

February may have fewer days than the other months in the calendar, but it offers many Muhurtham dates.

February 6, Monday
February 9, Thursday
February 10, Friday
February 12, Sunday
February 13, Monday
February 16, Thursday
February 17, Friday
February 22, Wednesday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – March 2023

March 2023 has its share of auspicious days, too, in case you have any events lined up.

March 1, Wednesday
March 6, Monday
March 9, Thursday
March 10, Friday
March 13, Monday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – April 2023

In April, there are only two Shubha Muhurtham dates. And both dates happen to be Sundays.

April 23, Sunday
April 30, Sunday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – May 2023

May is when the summer season is at its peak. But it offers multiple Muhurthams.

May 3, Wednesday
May 7, Sunday
May 8, Monday
May 10, Wednesday
May 11, Thursday
May 15, Monday
May 21, Sunday
May 22, Monday
May 29, Monday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – June 2023

June, too, offers many Muhurtham days. As they fall close to weekends, you can plan the after-parties well, too.

June 1, Thursday
June 5, Monday
June 7, Wednesday
June 11, Sunday
June 12, Monday
June 23, Friday
June 28, Wednesday
June 29, Thursday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – July 2023

As the summer wedding season nears its end, July offers just two Tamil Muhurtham dates.

July 9, Sunday
July 14, Friday

No Shubha Muhurtham Dates from August 2023 to October 2023 as per the Tamil Panchangam

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – November 2023

November ushers in the winter wedding season after an interval of 3 months.
November 22, Wednesday
November 23, Thursday
November 24, Friday
November 27, Monday
November 29, Wednesday

Tamil Muhurtham Dates – December 2023

December weddings are really cool thanks to the romantic weather and the holiday season, which makes it easy to plan a honeymoon as well.

December 4, Monday
December 6, Wednesday
December 7, Thursday
December 8, Friday
December 15, Friday

Astrology says that when we perform a task during Shubha Muhurtham, the chances for the success of the task are maximized. In other words, you get the maximum result as per your destiny. Hence, one should consider the Muhurtha before performing an important activity.

One takes different medicines for different diseases. Likewise, there are different Shubha Muhurthas for different ceremonies or events. In the ancient days, Shubha Muhurthas were considered only when conducting Yajnas. But after realizing its manifold uses and positive aspects, people began choosing Shubha Muhurthas in their daily affairs, too. It is very useful for those who do not have a birth chart and those who suffer from any Doshas. Such people tend to experience success in their tasks after performing them during Shubha Muhurtha timings.

Shubha Muhurtham is very important for marriage as it tells you the auspicious time and date of the marriage so that the couple can have maximum compatibility and a long and happy married life.


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