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Secrets Of Nadi Astrology

On September 05, 2013

Nadi Astrology is a mystical science written by the rishis eons ago. It reveals knowledge of diseases, destinies of men, philosophy, medicine, alchemy, Astrology, metaphysics, herbs and many more. Rishis through their super natural powers wrote down their knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Many aspects of secular and spiritual knowledge are known through nadi granthas or texts which would otherwise remain in the dark or unknown. Karma Karmic destinies of men, the reasons for their present lifetime suffering and the ways to remedy them are mentioned in Nadi Texts. One should wonder about the level of compassion in the hearts of the rishis who wrote it in the dimension of timeless consciousness with the sole aim to bring relief to the troubled soul, who undergoes myriads of trials in the cycle of birth and death. The texts mention the nature of sins committed and what it would result to, due to transgression of moral laws operating the cosmos. Such secrets of past lives are known, if one is destined to know and has the blessing to perform the suggested remedies by the wise ones. They also guide the destined soul in the right path by offering their blessings birth after birth. Astrology In astrology, it mentions certain combinations giving rise to particular yogas like Raja yoga, Vishnu yoga, lakshmi yoga, sakata yoga. For example, when Saturn is in 12th house with Mars in lagna then it forms Vishnu Yoga, where the native would be spiritual, wealthy, intelligent, with two sisters, younger brothers and be dear to the king or leader of the land. Vishnu yoga is also formed when Sun is in Aries with Leo navamsa with Jupiter joining Ketu or elsewhere. Laxmi Yoga is formed when Rahu is in 10th house as Saturn is in Aries rashi and Leo navamsa. Native will enjoy great wealth and prosperity. Diseases It also mentions about diseases, why it is caused due to various astrological combinations. It says heart problems like attacks or diseases are caused when Jupiter comes close to Sun, Mars or Ketu, degreewise or in trine or aspect or exchange. Ear problems are caused when Rahu aspects Buddha. Marriage In matters of marriage, it says that when Venus, Mars and Rahu are in trine to each other or very close degreewise, then it may result in separation. Nadi texts are veritable sources of knowledge and information. It is inexhaustible in nature. Secrets are to be unraveled and its mysteries deepen with the study of the texts. Only the fortunate few are destined to have access to this type of knowledge. One has to seek to receive.

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