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Mysterious Karma Transformation Science, Reveals How to Remove Bad Karma and Set Your Life Straight

On April 09, 2013


Steeped in History, Mystery and Science

Nadi Astrology reveals which past life actions are affecting you, the most today. "You can do anything that you want to do", it sounds so encouraging...but then, Your past will not allow you to do it. Your past is creating your present. So to change your present, you have to first change your past. Nadi helps you understand why you have certain struggles in your current life and most important, Nadi tells you how to remedy the problems, not only for yourself but also for your family.

Nadi is a Divine Technology

  • Identify and correct the root causes for your confusion
  • Recognize personal patterns that create obstacles
  • Clear Karma - and be free of pain, fears, obstacles, including curses

Mission Impossible? Possible With Nadi

While your situation may seem impossible, there is always a solution. There are remedies to fix: your finances, your relationships, your health, or any problem area in your life. Nadi Astrology reveals the solution in the form of specific remedies. Remember suffering does not clear karma. Karma will stay with you forever until the required remedy is performed. Which is why Nadi is such a Divine gift, it reveals the remedies needed to clear even the worst of karma.

Source of Bad Relationship Karma Uncovered

Jean (not her real name), longed for peace and happiness but she was very depressed and almost suicidal over a very bad relationship with her husband and family. A friend told her about a recent Nadi Reading she had done that helped her clear up a financial problem and thought a Nadi reading could help Jean with her bad relationships. Jean was more than intrigued, she felt a power and truth in her friend's words. So she signed up for her very own Nadi Reading in hopes to find out why her life was the way it was.
Nadi Reading and Remedies
  The Nadi reader was able to find her leaf and soon revealed to her a past life story that was actually hard to hear. Although the person being described in Nadi was not her, it was her from another lifetime. The story unfolded... In a past life, she fell in love with her married boss and even though he was married she went ahead and pursued him. She spread false accusations against the first wife and the first wife’s children. She eventually persuaded the boss to divorce the first wife and marry her. After the marriage, this woman took control all of his money and the first wife and children got nothing. Deep in her being she knew that this energy still existed within her. Jean was paying for her past actions in this lifetime. In this life, her marriage was loveless. Her husband was a ‘run-around’ with lots of girlfriends. The family members and friends who were close to the husband wanted nothing to do with her. She was in constant uneasiness and pain from loneliness and humiliation. She was stuck in a life of failure...all due to what she did in that past life. The Nadi reading gave her an understanding of why her life was the way it was and prescribed a very effective remedy to clear her bad relationship karma. She was now free to repair old relationships or create new meaningful relationships, the old pattern was gone.
AstroVed Nadi Services
  • Leaf Identification over Skype/Phone
  • Chapters Delivered as MP3/PDF
  • Turnaround Time 15 days
  Everyone has made mistakes in their past lives and if you haven’t, your ancestors have. Nadi provides the guidance needed to resolve any karma that is impacting your life today. Remedies are the antidotal actions necessary so you can live life on your terms. There are 2 Remedy Chapters in your Nadi leaf story. One outlines how to clear past life karma that's causing you problems now. You'll be prescribed temples to go to in person or we can arrange someone to go for you as a proxy and perform the specified remedy. These temple vortexes are highly charged energy fields that will end the karmic cycle you created in a past life. This is divine intervention and it will affect your awareness which in turn will transform your current life situation. The other remedy chapter prescribes a unique protective amulet, called a raksha plate that you wear in a holder around your neck close to your heart. The amulet is infused with protective and supportive energy. It has the power to destroy your ignorance, firmly plant truth in you and be a constant reminder of the Divine's presence in your life.
AstroVed Nadi Services
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Backed by 20 years of Research
  • Over 10 years of Nadi Services
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Did You Know?

Your Nadi Reading, when transcribed from the oral to the written, is delivered in the form of a dialogue between Shiva, the masculine energy of cause in the universe, and his consort Shakti, the feminine universal energy of creation. Questions are posed by Shakti as the student, and answers given by Shiva who plays the role of the teacher.


Everyone has to experience Karma Phala (Fruits of Karma) and the source of the karma can be identified in your horoscope as each planet is associated with different family members: Sun - Karma committed by Father Moon - Karma committed by Mother Mars- Karma stemming from Real Estate Mercury- Karma committed by Sibling or Friend Jupiter - Karma committed by Children Venus- Karma committed by Wife Saturn - Karma committed by Self Rahu - Karma committed by Ancestors  


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