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How Nadi Astrology works

DateNovember 21, 2013

“It must be an amazing feeling to know that saints, thousands of years ago, had seen you coming in search of their prophecy on you. And the prophecy had been made on your particular birth on earth and more precisely, the age at which you would arrive seeking for the Nadi leaves”.

“The most amazing aspect of the prophecy is that it was not made for everybody born on the Earth. Today, if a Nadi leaf is found with your specific details, then you are the one who have been envisioned by the siddhas. Now, that can make someone feel really special, and give you the strange feeling about the unknown powers of the universe shaping you up”!

How the prophecies were made:

Nadi astrology emerged out of the prophecies of the enlightened sages in India, thousands of years ago. It is believed that seven sages, through their enlightenment, or as they say in India, yogic powers had perceived the divine knowledge of the universe, and had ventured on a prophetic journey. They had foreseen the lives of individuals and had predicted about past, present and future of the individuals at a time when they happen to have sought for the Nadi leaf. These prophecies were in the form of poetic songs written in Ancient Tamil script.

Nadi Astrology

The clues contained in the poetic songs:

The poetic song relates why an individual has arrived in search of the prophecy. The words in the songs provide clues or insights into various aspects of life of an individual: they can be understood as:

Instruction: the instruction from the Siddhas for leading better life thereafter.
Remedy: the remedy, from the Siddhas, in case an individual is consulting the astrologer for his/her problem.
These prophetic words on one’s life have been segregated into various chapters. Uttering of the prophetic words from the songs by a Nadi astrologer is said to behold the powers of positive vibrations, beneficial for the prophecy seeker.

The mystery of the words in the songs:

It is also said that the remedies can be understood only by the seeker under the specific circumstances of his or her life. Suppose, you arrive at your Nadi leaf at the age of 48, the words of the song will provide meaning that you can understand only at that age under those circumstances of your life. Don’t you think this can only be worked out through a science of deep insight?

The process followed currently:

These prophecies on palm leaves have been preserved in various centers in India. When a seeker approaches a Nadi astrologer, the process is initiated through the six steps:
1. The individual is asked to provide a thumb impression, left thumb for females and the right thumb for males, to identify the correct bundle of leaves.
2. The individual is asked questions based on his personal details and he/she is expected to answer in monosyllable – Yes/No.
3. Based on the answers Yes, the leaf is traced from bundle.
4. On finding the leaf, the astrologer reads the hints or the message on the leaf about the person.
5. Based on the hint, the astrologer identifies the prophetic song written for the seeker.
6. The astrologer configures the astrological chart of the individual and the Nadi reader chants the words therein.
A Nadi astrologer learns about the planetary positions of the seeker from the prophetic songs. The astrologer not only studies the planetary positions to derive at specific results, but also executes the art of interpreting the words of the songs, an art that has been mastered only through years of repetitive study and practice.

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