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Saturn Transit in Scorpio – Forecasts and Remedies for Scorpio Vedic Moon Sign

On August 12, 2014

The planet Saturn has been depicted as the Celestial taskmaster, sometimes he is also ahighly respected angry sage. This sage, through his deep meditation gathers true information about reality of our lives… he sees beyond intentions of human mind, action, energies accumulatedinsouls and so on. Such a sage is more than often feared with many apprehensions.

Forecasts and Remedies for Scorpio

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When this sage walks into your house, be alert, give him the respect he deserves and seek the knowledge he has come to impart to you.

In 2014-15, people born with the Moon signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are experiencing close countenance of Saturn duringits transit through the signs, what is commonly known as Sade Saati. Saturn is moving from Libra to Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and will reside there till January 6th, 2017.

How experience of Saturn in Zodiac sign of Scorpio will affect you?

In Scorpio, Saturn is not comfortable i.e. itwears an unpleasant mood, and likely to create obstacles and choose toprocrastinate its responsibilities. Uncomfortable with the energies around, Saturn finds bliss by turning inwards. It encourages activities that require dedication like, research, spiritual growth and transformation.

The sign Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars. Saturn and Mars in thissignwill create incendiary or provocative situations. As Mars’s robust energy may drive you towards action, Saturnmay make you think whether you deserve what you want. Saturn may limit you with boundaries. Mars is impulsive but Saturn is a meditating man delaying actions. Isn’t it a situation where one appearsto be testing the other’s nature?

Saturn’s journey through the nakshatras Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyestha in sign Scorpio is an interesting one. It relates about the paths you are likely to choose and your state of affairs:

Career: It is the time to hold on to your self-confidence. Having a positive outlook and being hopeful about future will help you glide through difficult times. You can be hopeful about starting a new venture during this time, it will bear benefic results. Between 13th March and 2nd August 2015,you will have confidence and this will help you achieve good results in your work. Despite the obstacles you face, your skills and knowledge will help you reach the goal.

Finance: Be cautious about how you spend your money! Without measured steps, it may not be easy to save money for investments. Between 2nd August and 28th December 2015 investing in property or land may fetch you good gains. Later, you may also gain wealth through known sources. A sudden gain of property will boost your hope.

Health: You will find your self-confidence ebbing. Stress in your mind and tensions may begin to affect your health. Perhaps, it’s a good time to take up meditation or yoga.

Relationship: Between 28th December 2015 and 25th March 2016, relationship with your spouse or partner will bring you happiness. Your maturity to handle situations will be its prime reason. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your mother.

You can connect with Saturn to access its energies that may come as blessings for you through mantras and homas:

  • Chant ‘Om pram preemproumsahshanaischarayaNamah’ 108 times on Saturdays.
  • Pooja to Lord Mercury
  • Fire rituals for lord laxminarayana.


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