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Saturn Transit in Scorpio – Forecasts and Remedies for Capricorn Vedic Moon Sign

DateAugust 14, 2014

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and in the next two years, he will be journeying through sign Scorpio. When a king is touring out of his kingdom, his association and condition impact the subjects of his kingdom. So, while transiting Scorpio, Saturn’s displeasure and uneasy state too is likely to create tension and discomfort for the Capricorn Moon sign people. Do not worry! You have been winning battles for your king through brilliant ways!

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In 2014-15, people born with the Moon signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are experiencing close countenance of Saturn during its transit through the signs, what is commonly known as Sade Saati. Saturn is moving from Libra to Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and will reside there till January 6th, 2017.

How Saturn transit will affect people with Capricorn Moon sign?

This is the sign where Saturn manifests his qualities of a Karma Lord. As a Capricorn, you were born under the vigilance of your Karma lord. He is the one who had decided the kind of energies that should govern your life. He essentially lives in your consciousness as your unfulfilled wishes, the positive vibrations of your good acts and the negative vibrations of your selfish acts. Saturn being your overlord knows the kind of training you require through circumstances of life.

During this transit you will develop patience, discipline, perseverance, and a strong mind to transcend effects of Karma and reach your goal. This transit may not be very significant or favorable until you seek Saturn’s blessings ardently.

Capricorn is the natural 10th house of the Zodiac – It signifies profession, career or employment. Through hard-work you will be able to receive appreciation and acquire good position.

What Saturn’s transit in Scorpio has in store for you?

During this Saturn transit your life will unfold in the way you interact with Saturn’s energies. As Saturn moves through Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyestha nakshatras of Scorpio it will create different life-conditions for you:

Career: This transit will ensue changes in your career. A change in career or change of place may become necessary. You may get opportunities to work in foreign land. Through hard work and good behavior you will find success in your career front.

Finance: From November 2014 till March 2015 you will have chances of gaining wealth. But between13th March 2015 and 2nd August 2015, things may not be favorable and you may incur loss if you try to invest in new ventures during this period. So you need to handle money issues with utmost care.

Health: Between 25th March and 13th August 2016 you will be witnessing health issues such as shoulder or arm pains or you will be facing problems in your back bones.

Relationship: You may develop worries and concerns through family members. Even amidst your tensions you will be able to fulfill your desires and will be able to keep up your promises. Through your efforts and positive emotions you will be able to regain happy moments with your family.

When a big planet like Saturn is creating a major impact in your life, you can connect with it for blessings. Mantras and rituals listed here are said to be powerful ways of connecting with Saturn.

  • Chant Saturn mantra 27 times every day “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”
  • Chant Jupiter mantra 27 times every day “Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah”
  • Chant this mantra on Wednesday for 108 times “Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah”
  • Perform pooja for Planet Saturn.
  • Perform Jupiter homa


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