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Saturn Retrograde into Virgo

DateJanuary 18, 2010

Saturn is the most dreaded of all planets. During his transit he puts those who come under his influence through trials and tribulations. Even people who had been successful all along suffer significantly during their Saturn period. Saturn is not a malicious planet Saturn is a Life Teacher and a Spiritual Surgeon.

He is a teacher who brings you to God, compassion and humility. He is a sort of surgeon who surgically removes the tumors in our souls. No doubt the surgery is painful.

You could think that you are suffering because of his stringent actions but the real fact is you are working out your karma the hard way! This will help you to clear your way for higher consciousness, prosperity and good health.

Saturn retrogrades into Virgo from January 14th through May 31st. In general, a retrograde Saturn will strengthen your profession, health, and help with debts.

Moon Sign/Ascendant Potential Favorable Potential Unfavorable
Aries Free will in your acts. Pleasurable long journeys. Favorable change in profession. Spiritual orientation. Temporary loss in business. Plan your investments after May. Misunderstandings with your life partner, business partner and friends.
Taurus Professional stability. Purchasing of assets. Gains from patrimony property. Educational success. Cardiac ailments. Setbacks in comforts. Troubles to your mother and children.
Gemini Unexpected gifts. Sudden gains. Voluntary assistance from others. Enemies surrender. Litigation and trials and will end in your favor. Success in new ventures. Will get lost property or wealth. Problems or conflicts with siblings. Worries through siblings or neighbors. Your subordinates in job will cause trouble to you. Danger to father. You will receive sad messages. Journeys will not work as planned leading to frustration.
Cancer You will get a job. Marriage will be celebrated. Benefitted by departing from business partner. Possibility of regaining of lost wealth. Complicated ailment in eyes and ears. Problems through your business partner. Relationship with spouse and other family members will not be good. Insufficient income. Family members will turn against you. Your words will not be taken into consideration by others. Insults in gathering due to your emotional talk. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you relief. Do not rely on people who are with you now. They may turn into a foe after May 2010.
Leo Spiritual guidance will help you to plan your activities, both personal and professional. Calculative expenditure will fetch gain. You could suffer from ailments related to eyes. Mental agony in profession. Humiliation. Your effort in work will be rewarded to somebody else. Your spouse would misunderstand your words. Evil eyes forecasted, black magic if any done against you will make their way into your life. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you relief.
Virgo Auspicious expenses like purchasing a home, valuables, vehicle etc. Pleasurable overseas journeys. Spiritual travel. Your spouse would be enjoying good time in profession and also good relationship with you. Health problems to children. Break in education. Loss in business or speculation. Invest in long term to avoid loss. Ailments in legs and generative organs. Keep an eye on children’s activities. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you relief.
Libra Accept the rewards and gains that you are getting. Do not deny or oppose it. Attainment of spiritual goals. Sudden gains in speculation. You can attempt for higher education. Win over enemies. Unexpected gifts. Voluntary assistance from others. Patrimony property will be settled. Enemies surrender. Litigation and trials will end in your favor. Succeed in new ventures. Will receive lost property or wealth. Your friends will not be able to help you in time. Expansion of business will be delayed. Danger to Mother.
Scorpio Professional growth. Spiritual practices will manifest your desires. Your subordinates will abide your words and complete the task assigned by you in time. You would earn the good will of your employer. Stress in work. You would lose your comforts. Strained relationship with spouse. Health problems to spouse. Lack of conjugal bliss.
Sagittarius Good circulation of Money. Relief from worries and problems. Will have promotion in job. After the year 2010 you will have comforts. You will have the drive to achieve great heights. Your relationship with family members will be good. Do not hurt anybody by heart/intentionally as it will turn into a curse. Relationship with father will be strained. Your head strong activities would fetch the wrath of your preceptor. Will not be able to keep promises or surety given to others, this will fetch you ill repute.
Capricorn Spiritual guidance will make things ease in your life. Guidance from a preceptor will benefit you in all aspects. Controlling your emotions would help you in maintaining your status in society. Insults in front of your rivals will be there. Control your emotions. Health problem in abdomen and generative organs will occur. Friends would turn foe. Relationship with your employer will be unfavorable and bad. Evil eyes forecasted, black magic if any done against you will make its way into your life in all aspects. Investments would lead to loss. Any investment would pretend to be profitable but will prove to be a great loss later. Be careful in terms of finance and career. Take care of adolescent children, their interaction with opposite sex will cross limits and bring your name down in society. Do not be suspicious about your family members activities. Remedies to Saturn and Worshiping Lord Hanuman will give you relief.
Aquarius What is really happening around you will be revealed to you. You will be aware of everything that was not known to you before. You will have new opportunities to prove yourself in profession as well as in personal life. New investments opportunities. You have to take care while driving any vehicle. Strained relationship with spouse. Celibacy. Challenges in work place. Socializing would lead you into trouble. Your words would be misunderstood and this would result in ill reputation.
Pisces You will have success and gains in all undertakings. Attain good rank and position in profession. Profit and sudden gains in speculation. Can attempt for higher education. Win over enemies. Ailments in lungs and stomach. Legal challenges. Inauspicious short journeys. Due to unreliable information. Neighbors, friends and relatives may turn into a foe.


The above are general predictions only based on your Moon Sign. If you would like an astrologer to tell you what the next 6 months of a retrograde Saturn will do for you, we have arranged for a 1 paragraph custom report for you in which the astrologer will also suggest any remedies you can do either on your own at home or with an appropriate ritual.

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