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Saturn Retrograde - Fix Your Problems this Saturday

On February 20, 2013


Saturn will be retrograde in the sign Libra for 4 months; that is from February 19th to July 8th. When a natural malefic planet (Saturn, Mars) goes retrograde, it will generally bring favorable results. And if Saturn is also retrograde in your birth chart, then the next 4 months could be highly beneficial; it will be a time for blossoming. However, you still need to watch out as Saturn is the task master and His aspects to other houses and planets will still bring difficulty to some areas of your life.




Retrograde Saturn: General Results for Moon Signs:

Good: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

Difficult: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, (Cancer - If Running Mars Dasa)

Note: If Saturn is retrograde in your chart at birth, then a Saturn retrograde time period will give positive results.


Most Negatively affected Moon signs are Leo & Cancer:

Leo Moons will be affected by health and relationship issues. Troubles through siblings and also a sense of losing courage and confidence are possible. Cancer Moons, if running their Mars Dasa, will be losing their comforts and will witness relationship issues after May 2013. Also, be careful while travelling during this period.


Less Negatively Affected Moon Signs: Scorpio & Pisces:

Scorpio Moons should be careful during this period since relocation, change in profession, stress and mental tension are possible. You may feel directionless during this period and experience additional expenses like; unwanted travels, repairing house, health issues and money spent on siblings. This is a tough time: since, Saturn is retrograde in the 8th house; this can bring disappointments in your life.

Performing remedies to Saturn are highly beneficial for every Moon Sign, during a retrograde period. If the transit is favorable then you will experience even better results, challenging signs will get relief and the signs which remains unaffected by the transit will earn favorable results.


Nadi Astrology - Did a Seer in India write about you 1000 Years ago?

Nadi astrology is a divine astrology that tells specifics about your past, present and future. Even your name, your parents' names, and your spouse's name is often divinely revealed in the nadi. These details were written thousands of years ago by Siddhas who had the power to predict the life of people thousands of years in the future.

Nadi Astrology identifies precise remedies to eradicate problems in your life that have been causing you the most pain. It helps you to transform every aspects of your life: health, wealth, career, business or relationship.


Planets on the Move: Venus and Mercury

Venus Enters Aquarius: Passion and sensual feelings will be amplified when Venus enters Aquarius in Mars Constellation plus Mars is also sharing that house along with Sun.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius:When Mercury goes retrograde on February 23rd, Mars will be also be in close proximity. The combination of Mars and Mercury is likely to cause intrapersonal conflicts. Fanatics will be activated to make hyper vigilant decisions. Be extra careful when making decisions and coming to conclusions.



Reminder for Coming Events

Maha Sani Pradosham

The world has never known a time without suffering, pain, ache, disappointments and disease. But this is the time that collectively we need to participate by observing pradosham* and praying to Lord Shiva. Collective participation of the Maha Pradosham ritual will make Shiva's energy come down to the earth plane. Chant the Thiru Neela Kantam mantra and participate in Maha Pradosham ritual offerings. This is very special Pradosham, firstly because it takes place on a Saturday and secondly, it falls on a Pushya Star, a star which is ruled by Saturn. So, it is very important that you don't miss this upcoming Maha Pradosham. It is a rare opportunity to get rid of negative karma.


Masi Magha

Masi Magha is when the Moon aligns with the Magha star in the Sign Leo during February/March. Perform uplifting occasions on a waxing Moon; like marriage, housewarming, etc. The best day is a Full Moon day with the birth star Magha. Magha has divine powers to charge the elements of fire, space, ether, earth with renewed life force. Bodies of Water get purified and are suffused with new vibrations that are highly potent with nourishing properties. The life force currents in water have powerful transformational and therapeutic energies to purge sin from body, mind and soul. Moreover, Magha is the star that has great potential as it contains the energy of your ancestors.



A retrograde planet is strong and will not listen to anybody. This ultimately makes a retrograde planet unreliable.




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