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Remedy Results

2007 – New Moon Tarpanam Ritual at Kasi(Varanasi)
Ganges River Bed Ganges River Bed Sangalpam for members

Astroved Priest Team Priest Chanting Mantras Tarpanam for members
January 2nd, 2007 – Lord Siva’s Birthday Feeding at Arunachala
Arunachala-View 1 Arunachala-View 2 Arunachala-View 3
Arunachala-View 4 Feeding 1 Feeding 2
Feeding 3 Food Containers Feeding 4
1st to Receive Food 1st to Receive Food Feeding 5
Feeding 6 Feeding 7 Astroved Banner
Feeding 8 Feeding 9 Western Volunteers
Western Volunteers Western Volunteers Western Volunteers
Western Volunteers Food Containers Feeding 10
August 27th, 2006 – Homa and Pooja on Ganesha Birthday
After Pooja Clay Ganesha zoom Pre Pooja
Previous Day Clay Ganesha-2 Wearing Erukku Mala
Tantric Ganesha Baba and Ganesha Presence of Baba
Previous Day Ganesha Homa Ganesha Homa
August 11th, 2006 – Homa for Goddess Indraprasta Valli
IndraprastaValli1 IndraprastaValli2 IndraprastaValli3
IndraprastaValli4 IndraprastaValli5 IndraprastaValli6
August 1st, 2006 – 5 Saturn Group Fire Rituals
ThirukkanMalleeshwar1 ThirukkanMalleeshwar2 ThirukkanMalleeshwar3
KariKrishnaPerumal1 KariKrishnaPerumal2 KariKrishnaPerumal3
Rudrapureeswar1 Rudrapureeswar2 Vadathirunallar