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Power of Meditation

DateMarch 2, 2015

Meditation is a unique technique, practiced and taught by sages of ancient times, to align human energy and consciousness with the vast Universe. It is a mechanism that guides human life to retain vitality of pure life-force (Prana) by cleansing the mind of all impurities such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression, pain and diseases.

When mind begins to inch towards spiritual realization, all impurities slowly fade away. Spiritual power of meditation creates a balanced mind. A malfunctioning mind cannot be an effective radar for your body.
Power of Meditation
How meditation works:

It is a technique of stopping the mind from constant frustrations of aimless wandering. Practices of meditation train the body and the mind to become still. Power of meditation can help in “Silencing the mind”, “Awakening the mind”, and “Healing the mind”.

How average human mind works:

An emotional mind is like a heavy fog that obstructs clear visibility: an agitated mind is impatient and keeps reacting to external conditions of life – such as what others in the world are pursuing, thinking, doing, what is their perception about you, how you can live better than others, how you can get famous, wealthy and so on. Lost amidst all these perceptions you develop fear for your future, fear to think different, stressed for not being able to keep up to a certain image and so on.

A logical mind tries to work out the path that would lead you to your goal and fulfill your desires. And the logical mind works in the same way that you perceive your reality and the pattern of your thoughts. So a logical mind functions based on your repetitive thought patterns.

How human mind works through meditation:

Different techniques of meditations lead to the same result: they help you to sync in with your inner world. The mind that is torn between different goals, duties and desires is calmed by focusing inside, chafing the mind of all excesses and diversions and plunging deep inside to understand the meaning of your birth, your life’s purpose and what would bring you untainted and pure happiness.

Meditation increases activity in different parts of the brain such as anterior cingulate cortex, frontal cortex and prefrontal cortex. Meditation balances the mind by increasing ability of the brain to function in a balanced way which means all parts of the brain are equally active at all times – you are neither too logical, nor too emotional, or too sensitive to anything.

Meditation increase alpha and beta waves of the brain that leads to more wakefulness and awareness of your senses; and improved dimensions of thought.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation trains you to live with full awareness. Through regular practices of meditation, you will become better focused and attentive because these qualities develop through constant and repetitive training of mind.
  • Meditation helps you balance yourself with the outside world – you begin to rediscover the chemistry of your mind and body.
  • Meditation makes you less emotional and more objective in outlook. You learn to detach yourself from anyone or any situation and have an objective view.
  • Meditation helps you develop tolerance towards others because your mind begins to have compassion for others; you become creative with ideas, less emotional and confident in yourself. You become less conscious about consequences and do not consider yourself to be victim of circumstances in life.
  • Meditation increases grey matter in the brain that acts as an anti-aging factor, brings in a flush of renewed energy and positive thoughts.


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